Top 10 2023 trends in the EV sector

We’ve seen trends expand across the EV sector through 2023, from developments in electric aviation to urban mobility to driver assistance

10. Electric Aircraft

Road transport totals 71% of the EU’s total CO2 emissions, while the aviation sector hits just 2.5% of global CO₂ emissions. Each day, 120,000 flights deliver 12m people to their destination and two days prior to COP28, Virgin Atlantic flew the first 100% sustainable aviation fuel flight, from London Heathrow to New York JFK. 

Developments in sustainable aircraft come in the form of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), hydrogen fuelled aircraft and electric planes. The demand for electric aircraft is huge and business is booming, you can read our Top 10: Electric Aviation Companies here.

9. Hybrid technology

Drivers want options - a journey to their destination of choice, at their time and leisure. That’s what’s so appealing in a hybrid: two power sources to get on the road. For those who are unsure about fully committing to an EV, due to the cost or range anxiety, a hybrid can be the perfect fit. However, in the UK, the sale of new hybrid cars will end in 2035, at which point EVs will be in a much stronger position to take over the road. Still, globally, hybrid technology will be in use well after this date.

8. Electric Pickup Trucks

Volvo Trucks is supporting the shift to electric trucks and has been praised for its safety and reliability, as well as its ability to leverage digital technologies, AI and the latest electrification hardware to make its EVs smarter than ever before. 

Volvo Trucks is a provider of EVs to heavy logistics industries and EV Magazine spoke to Head of Electric Sales Development, Martin Kearns, who discussed Volvo’s future outlook for electric trucks, at EV Magazine LIVE.

7. Battery manufacturing 

With ‘range anxiety’ featuring as one of the top reasons not to get an EV, the focus is the affordability and endurance of batteries. 

Peter Freedman, Chief Commercial Officer at Brill Power, is an expert in EV battery production and the development of battery intelligence. He exclusively discussed EV battery power with EV magazine.

“Major automakers are redirecting their focus towards competitively priced Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). As a ripple effect, the expansion of the battery supply chain and decreasing raw material costs are expected to drive down battery pricing per kWh.” 

The Battery Intelligence Platform at Brill Power plays a pivotal role in intelligently managing batteries, optimising energy usage and extending the lifespan of EV batteries.

6. Electric boats

While at EV magazine, we may be highly road-orientated, but thousands of boat journeys are made each day around the world. Those living on remote islands sail to the nearest school, approximately 58m fishermen across the world board boats to get their catch and the elite climb onto their luxury yacht to catch a tan. It is for these people that electric boats - including hybrids - are becoming more popular.

5. Bi-directional EV charging

Bi-directional EV charging is a technology which allows an EV to discharge electricity to power other devices, as well as receive charge. This is also known as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology and essentially works as a mobile energy storage unit. This allows homeowners to optimise their grid uses and decide how to use their energy.

4. Driver Assistance Tools

From autonomous mobility to blind spot detection, forward collision warning to adaptive cruise control, driver assistance tools are innovated to keep drivers, passengers, pedestrians and vehicles safe, but also to make journeys easier and more affordable. 

As discussed at EV Magazine LIVE, cars are becoming more intuitive and capable of analysing the road ahead, as well as the driver’s behaviour. But there’s no doubt that the technology deployed in driver assistance tools plays a crucial role in road safety. Read about our Top 10 driver assistance tools here.

3. Influencers

Love them or loathe them, influencers are here to stay - using their credibility and entertainment value to garner a strong following and steer audiences into the direction of buying or doing as the influencer suggests. For the EV market, influencers encourage drivers and commuters to make sustainable changes. More importantly, they are the key to sharing clear information about how to reduce climate impact through EV adoption. You can read our Top 10 electric vehicle influencers here.

2. eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing)

Airbus is leading in sustainable aviation, from electric propulsion to finding out new ways to lower aviation's environmental impact. A major testament to its commitment is the eVTOL aircraft CityAirbus NextGen. This aircraft showcases Airbus's dedication towards urban air mobility, with solutions that unite efficiency and zero-emissions. 

You can read more about eVTOL’s here

1. Sustainable urban mobility

City authorities around the world are working hard to adapt to a worsening climate crisis and the growing global population, as well as the increase in demand for EV charging. 

Some of the most well-connected cities in the world are now reaping the benefits of electrified vehicles - you can read our Top 10 cities at the forefront of sustainable urban mobility here. 

A home to sustainable innovation, Zurich is praised for its efforts to not only electrify its public transport network in the city, but also around it. The city is home to critical research and development efforts to create clean, sustainable battery solutions to uphold the public transport system and other EVs. 

Besides EVs, Singapore is working to electrify its public transport network by introducing more electric buses and trains, and has already rolled out overhead charging solutions. The government set a target to phase out all diesel buses by 2040 and has already begun launching its electric bus initiative across several transport routes.


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