Industry leaders takes strides to electrify global mobility

Following exciting news from the EV industry, look back on some of the stories of innovation and electrification that will change global mobility for good

From new electric vehicle (EV) releases to updates on the latest mobility solutions, the industry is experiencing rapid changes every day. 

Not only does EV Magazine look at the latest products and services offered by companies such as Lotus, Candela, Toyota, and Eviation, but also highlights the upstream supply chains that affect industry advancement. From lithium mining through to battery manufacturing, as well as projects to install charging infrastructure. 

Lotus’ Eletre EV pricing marks new automotive direction

In the carmakers’ latest press statement, it refers to the Eletre as a new breed of pure electric SUV, which takes on the core principles of Lotus’ 75-year sports car design principles.

Is there enough lithium for electric vehicle manufacturing?

Without batteries, the vision for electric vehicles (EVs) is null and void. But, the industry is putting a higher demand on lithium—the primary component of conventional batteries—that must be actioned to fulfil the needs of automotive expansion. 

World Economic Forum says zero emissions requires more EVs

To show this in numbers, the EV industry sold 6.6 million in 2021, which is more than double that of the year COVID-19 set in. EVs made up 9% of the automotive market share and near enough all of the growth in 2021, resulting in 66.7 million car sales.

Candela issues a new model of its sustainable electric boat

The electric boat company is the pioneer of the C-8. Candela is responsible for electric transport in Mediterranean waters and southern European lakes as the provider of the boat that is capable of 50 nautical miles per charge and travels at a speed of 22 knots.

Toyota is supported by an EV manufacturer in taking on Tesla

The Japanese automotive manufacturer has been lagging behind despite its early adoption of hybrid-electric power for its Pris model. Toyota is now pushing forward with its electric vehicle (EV) start; it will revamp its current offering to provide more to its customers. 

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