Valtech drafts in expertise to offer innovative solutions

Through its joint venture with Volkswagen Group, Valtech is working to deliver e-mobility solutions—now led by its IT and service veteran Peter Ivanov

The automotive industry is giving way to its most innovative era yet as electric vehicles (EVs) enable organisations to adopt digital technologies to meet the growing mobility needs of populations. 

This brings together expertise from the automotive sector and IT firms to lead the way in e-mobility and take greater, more disruptive strides to decarbonisation. 

The IT services and consulting firm Valtech today announces that it is expanding its digital offerings to include a new line of services in aid of mobility, which is to be led by a veteran of the space, Peter Ivanov, Managing Director Global Service Line Mobility at Valtech.

Services will allow businesses to speed up their approach to the industry-wide shift in customer expectations. As explained by Olivier Padiou, the company’s CEO, “the mobility sector needs to reinvent itself, and fast.” 

“Change is always challenging, but it brings considerable opportunities for players—car companies, tier-one suppliers, and even public transport providers. This is why we’re putting Peter in the driving seat.”

Held to high regard by Padiou, Ivanov is a critical person in this shift whose knowledge is best placed to lead the transition. 

“He’s perfectly placed to support the industry at this pivotal moment, thanks to his unrivalled knowledge of the automotive industry and experience working on lighthouse projects for a world-leading OEM. We are confident he will further strengthen Valtech’s innovation mindset and problem-solving capabilities to play a critical role in securing the future of our mobility clients.” 

The new service line from Valtech combines 20 years of expertise in the global IT and mobility realm, including experience from the company’s joint venture with Volkswagen—the Valtech Mobility service spanning North America, EMEA, as well as Japan, China, and India.

The company is undergoing continuous investment in both mobility and automotive, and incorporating pioneering expertise from Valtech’s Detroit-based acquisition, Tome, which is pivotal in understanding car, bicycle, scooter, city infrastructure, and consumer technology.

“After working in-house for many years, I am excited to be back on the agency side, where I can be a part of the bigger picture. I like to be at the forefront of innovation and Valtech is the perfect place for me to actively shape the future of the mobility sector,” says Ivanov.

Peter Ivanov—the man leading Valtech Mobility's latest service offerings

As previously a leader in Valtech, Ivanov is well-acquainted with the business’ Valtech Mobility venture, which is focused on the connected car. He has also worked in-house at Audi, where he supported the development of e-mobility services incorporated in the Audi e-tron, along with other development of digital service and ECUs for a number of vehicles in the Volkswagen Group portfolio. 

“Our ability to offer a true 360° experience, both in-car and out-of-car, gives us a unique position in the market, making us the ideal bridge between mobility clients, technology partners, and big tech,” says Ivanov.

“But what really sets Valtech apart is our enormous body of in-house expertise spanning all verticals. This is crucial, because to ensure future success, automotive and mobility companies need to look beyond their immediate competitors for learnings and innovation.”

About Valtech

Valtech is a globally recognised agency focused on transforming business by delivering innovative solutions with a purpose. The company empowers clients to stay ahead of the upcoming trends and connect more effectively with their consumers across both digital and physical spaces.

As the preferred strategic partner for many world-renowned brands, such as Volkswagen, Dolby, Toyota, Mars, Procter & Gamble, and BMW—specialising in complex transformational challenges.


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