Parkopedia Provides Enhanced Charging Solutions to BMW Group

The BMW Group
Parkopedia and BMW Group new collaboration will provide accurate, real-time EV charging info, reducing range anxiety and simplify the EV driving experience

In the evolving world of EVs, range anxiety remains a significant concern for drivers. According to the 2023 Parkopedia Global Driver Survey, more than 90% of EV drivers experience range anxiety, with 60% considering accurate charging information as "very important" or "extremely important."

Moreover, 77% of drivers preferred vehicles with comprehensive public EV charging information and navigation to specific charging locations. Simplifying the daily use and transition to EVs hinges on accessible and reliable public charging infrastructure.

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Parkopedia, established in 2007, has stepped up to address these needs by expanding its partnership with the BMW Group, which includes the BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad brands. 

Parkopedia now provides EV drivers with enhanced EV Point of Interest (EV POI) data, empowering them to decide where and when to charge their vehicles. This new functionality offers a suite of features designed to alleviate the stress associated with the EV charging process.

Comprehensive Charging Information at Your Fingertips

Parkopedia's enhanced EV charging service includes:

  • Photos and Ratings: Visual and user feedback helps drivers select charging locations that meet their preferences.
  • Essential Information: Details such as the precise location of chargers, charging speeds, and connector types.
  • Dynamic Data: Real-time updates on charging availability and the operational status of units.
Hans Puvogel, COO, Parkopedia

This wealth of information enables drivers to choose charging sites that best suit their needs, whether prioritising safety, nearby amenities, or highly rated locations. As Hans Puvogel, Parkopedia's COO, says: "We recognise the charging anxiety facing EV drivers today when searching for suitable charging locations, and we are pleased to offer new functionality to simplify the charging process."

Enhancing the EV Experience with the BMW Group

Parkopedia's collaboration with BMW Group demonstrates a shared commitment to improving the EV driving experience. By integrating these advanced features, Parkopedia helps reduce the uncertainty of finding reliable charging spots.

Hans adds: "Today, more than 90% of EV drivers feel anxious about charging, with 44% running out of charge. Consequently, nearly half of drivers who state they wouldn't own an EV cite being worried about finding charging away from home as the main reason."

This enhanced service includes verified driver reviews, ensuring drivers receive the most accurate and up-to-date information when deciding where to charge. The partnership showcases both companies' dedication to an electric future and driver satisfaction.

Parkopedia enhances EV experience

Expanding Global Coverage

Parkopedia's EV charging service now covers Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg, in addition to previous coverage in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland. Plans are underway to extend this service to new markets, addressing the global demand for more efficient EV charging.

Parkopedia continues to lead the way in addressing the critical concerns of EV drivers. By providing detailed, reliable, and dynamic charging information, Parkopedia helps mitigate range anxiety and simplifies the transition to electric vehicles. This commitment to innovation and collaboration with industry leaders like BMW Group ensures EV drivers can confidently navigate their charging needs, making the electric future a more accessible reality for everyone.


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