ABB releases new home charger and critical EV market data

Painting a picture of the EV market leading into 2023, ABB commissioned a valuable report to accompany the release of its home charging solution at CES

The expertise of ABB continues to shape the way e-mobility is formed as the release of its latest home charging solution marks a triumph from the ABB E-mobility division. 

The company showcased the new solution at one of the most prestigious technology events of the year, CES, which will showcase more automotive-related technologies than ever before. But that’s not all. The technology developer also commissioned research that taps into the consumer mindset and provides valuable insights into the preferences of electric vehicle (EV) drivers—as well as those willing to make the switch. 

“As we mark the start of yet another pivotal year in our drive to enable a low-carbon society, the survey results demonstrate that drivers are ready and willing to make the journey alongside use,” says Leon van de Pas, SVP for the Destination charging business line at ABB, as he explains how the research aligns with the company’s strategy to support widespread electrification. 

An digitally-enabled EV charger for the minimalist

Gone are the days where cars must be built before they can be presented to the public. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) often showcases the latest EVs positioned outside minimalist, contemporary homes, and the ABB E-mobility Terra Home is a solution that adheres to these design trends. 

Offering different covers for its EV chargers, as well as cloud connectivity, ABB ensures that its latest solution is customisable for the consumer and can be monitored and maintained remotely to ensure drivers are getting the most out of their charging product. 

However, the key talking point of the product is sustainability. In particular, ABB has focused on energy consumption and ensuring (what I like to call) a renewable-first approach. The Terra Home reflects the needs of customers—driven by the survey—by prioritising the use of renewable energy when operating its latest home charging solution. 

Critically, the charging point becomes integrated into the household to provide a load management function that directs electricity to where it is needed most. 

ABB studies consumer sentiments towards sustainable energy 

By 2040, it is estimated that more 340 to 490 million chargers will be required to power the global sustainable transport system. More importantly, ABB recognised that around 82% of charging solutions will be used at home, which is likely helped by the work-from-home landscape and that the majority of drivers only use their vehicles for short trips to work, dropping their children off at school, or shopping at the nearest town or city. 

Growth in this area of electrification is also driven by consumer sentiments towards the environment and 90% of those asked felt personally responsible for their impacts on the planet and are willing to make the necessary changes as they become available to them. 

The unveiling of the Terra Home product marks an exciting start for 2023 and a new era of electrification as the business challenges conventions in a sustainable way. According to van de Pas, the new charging solution offers “unprecedented user choice. The new Terra Home provides the flexibility for an even greater number of people to simply and stylishly embrace the transition to electric mobility.”

Leveraging the latest technologies, the Terra Home reaches consumer comfort and convenience by creating a smart connection between home and vehicle and drawing from the most sustainable resources in the most efficient way.


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