AEHRA Sedan showcases EV-first Italian automotive design

At MIMO 2023, Monza, AEHRA Automobili released its first ever ultra-premium luxury Sedan EV. We captured the moment with CEO Hazim Nada and his team

Automotive boundaries continue to be broken, but some remain the same through decades of innovation and reinvention, but is this all necessary to achieve the outcomes of today? 

Particularly in the Italian automotive sector, companies have been restrained by the inevitable positioning of internal combustion engine (ICE) architecture, but the ultra-premium luxury car startup AEHRA Automobili is looking to change this. 

The company is not only home to some of the great minds of the Italian car scene, but it is also backed by years of experience of what fossil fuels can do to our planet—the story of Hazim Nada, CEO of AEHRA, is what makes the release of its two electric vehicles (EVs) so compelling.

As the company invited EV Magazine to attend the unveiling of its second car—sister to the SUV presented in November 2022— at the MIMO 2023 at the Monza racetrack, we take you along on the trip with coverage of the event and updates from the CEO himself, comments from the company’s newly acquired Chief Engineering Officer Franco Cimatti, and evangelism from Filippo Perini, Chief Design Officer who all brought their passion for Italy and its future. 

By building electric luxury vehicles, we find out how AEHRA is leveraging a new architecture and throwing out the design rulebook to create beautiful cars for the modern, sustainable driver. 

To catch the previous article on the first EV reveal, click here to learn about the SUV model that featured at our very own EV Magazine LIVE.

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