AEHRA releases groundbreaking ultra premium electric SUV

Launched in Milan, Italy—the first of AEHRA's ultra-premium EVs
The global ultra premium automotive releases its first electric vehicle (EV), a luxury SUV that leverages groundbreaking technology and liquid-like design

Following an invite to Milan, Italy, we attended the release of a groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV), by the ultra premium automotive brand, AEHRA

The event marks an exciting milestone for the company and the beginning of a new era of electrification, thanks to its electric SUV’s modern, fluid design and boundary-breaking capabilities. AEHRA was also excited to share its pioneering vehicle, which was designed from the same roots as other high-end Italian cars.

Headquartered in Milan, the unveiling took place in the company’s home city, where attendees came to admire the uniqueness and aerodynamic excellence of what could be a revolutionary vehicle design. 

Before meeting the car, press conferences with Hazim Nada, Founder and CEO of AEHRA, and Head of Purchasing, Stefano Mazzetti, allowed them to talk through the business’ founding and how it got to the production concept of its minimalistic electric SUV, which is expected to achieve great aerodynamic performance. 

Also talking about the car, Filippo Perini, Chief Design Officer, and Alessandro Serra, Head of Design, guided us through the inspiration for the car’s design and how it defies all conventions of the automotive industry.

Design innovation for EV aesthetics and performance

The EV represents the ethos and personality of AEHRA and its team as it incorporates modern design that defies convention. The company leveraged cutting-edge technology known as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to create a flowing body that will provide the car’s driver with better efficiency, thanks to extensive aerodynamic research and testing. 

“With the AEHRA SUV, we have shunned the conservative constraints that have encumbered all other car manufacturers in their approach to designing EVs to date,” says Filippo Perini, Chief Design Officer at AEHRA.

The EV, which has not been given a name other than the “AEHRA SUV”, showcases the best of circular economy through its design and build, by utilising recycled carbon fibre for its components, which offers a lightweight, mouldable design—leveraging the best of Italian supercar innovation. This is achieved through monocoque assembly as the main bulk of the vehicle (70%) will be used to form the basis of a second EV, a sedan. 

“Instead, we have taken a highly courageous approach. And at AEHRA, this mindset drives not just the design of our vehicles, but every aspect, including engineering, the layout of the interior, the state-of-the-art sustainable materials we use and how we are redefining the entire customer journey.”

The process of using carbon fibre and creating a car with minimal components will allow AEHRA to not only reduce the costs of production, but also utilise more materials that were produced historically through carbon-intensive processes, and make them into a revolutionary SUV.

An EV designed on a blank canvas

The car also features aerodynamic elements, such as its rear spoiler, active diffuser and wing-style rear-view cameras, which bring a whole new level of performance to the SUV. The company promises a safe, sporty ride, as the driver experiences the effortless propulsion from the vehicle’s optimal drag coefficient and thermal battery management. 

“With the SUV, we have created a vehicle that goes far beyond the conventional standards set by the automotive industry for an SUV, and sets new benchmarks for style and comfort,” says Perini. 

Although presenting challenges for the design team, Perini and Serra came up with something incredible—an SUV that meets the standards of ultra premium luxury, and brings its own unique concepts from the configuration of the vehicle and ergonomic design centred around a battery, not an engine. 

“We have used a monobody construction, which, while used widely in Italy in the past, is now normally reserved for supercars. We have taken an equally radical approach to aerodynamics, which play a central role in the design, driving characteristics, and efficiency of the SUV.” 

The company’s Founder and CEO, Hazim Nada, says: “The AEHRA SUV represents a radical combination of cutting-edge sustainable materials, ultra-advanced EV technology, smart manufacturing technologies, pure Italian design, and of course, a seminal moment in our company’s history.” 

“Supremely comfortable, beautifully balanced, and graceful, the SUV ushers in a new era of EV style and sophistication, and signifies the next successful milestone on AEHRA’s strategic journey to a rollout of both our sophisticated vehicles to global markets in 2025.”

AEHRA has very high expectations for the electric SUV as its entry point into a new market that combines luxury, high price point with exceptional innovation. The car is also expected to be equipped with a 120kWh battery, which will drive power somewhere between 550 and 600kW—maximum range being 800km (just under 500 miles) per charge.


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