Top 10: Connected Fleet Services

Connected fleet management services will streamline supply chain activities and give companies confidence to make the shift to all-electric-vehicles (EVs)

When it comes to fleet management, technology can help operators stay ahead of the curve and, as the world switches over to electric vehicles (EVs), we can see multiple applications for connected services in the realm of sustainable transportation. Ranked by G2, these 10 businesses are providing fleet management solutions that optimise the services they provide from business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). 

10. IntelliShift

All-in-one fleet management is Intellishift’s remit. The company proudly boasts an unbeatable customer experience and enables timely improvement of financial outcomes. Its service expects to reduce danger to drivers nine-fold and the cost of maintenance by 35%. This solution looks at maintenance schedules, AI dash cams, telematics, and power management to keep vehicles moving safely. 

9. Onfleet

This service is one for the last-mile leaders as Onfleet serves as a trusted delivery solution optimiser for thousands of businesses across the retail, e-commerce, food and drink, and other industries. 

Its end-to-end route-planning, dispatch, communication and analytics platforms handle many of the tasks required by fleet operators, allowing them to focus on the more pressing tasks and deliver business value. 

8. Route4Me

Route4Me uses fleet data to get ahead of the curve as a route-planning solution that streamlines the logistics process. The company aims to help its customers ‘win the last mile’ by optimising the route-planning process, but also ensuring that routes remain optimal in real-time. 

Its solutions are for firms that have extensive delivery schedules, making it a suitable service for last-mile logistics. 

7. Fleetio 

The aim for Fleetio is to be proactive and mitigate any questions relating to fleets. Its management service focuses on fleet maintenance and ensuring that vehicles remain on the road when needed. This is achieved through automated processes to achieve visibility from anywhere and at any time. 

6. ClearPathGPS

ClearPathGPS requires no contractual agreements and a risk-free guarantee of 30 days, and is one of the top connected fleet support solutions in the US. Powerful tools are leveraged to manage all assets and team members on the road to see where fleet vehicles are located, which will create efficiencies and increase productivity while minimising cost.

5. Azuga Fleet

Backed by its parent company Bridgestone, Azua Fleet is an end-to-end fleet management service, leveraging GPS to allow new fleet vehicle tracking and return on investment (ROI) from new trucks and operational changes. 

Used via desktop or its app, fleet tracking is made simple and data is used to provide driver safety scores. The system can also support an AI dual-facing dash cam to record incidents on the road. 

4. Geotab

The six key concerns of Geotab are optimisation, productivity, safety, sustainability, compliance, and expansion. The company has more than 22 years of experience in fleet management and currently serves more than 47,000 companies with its services. 

The company provides all the information and know-how for businesses to get started monitoring their fleets remotely, which is where its connected solutions come into play. Geotab devices can be combined with a number of others—its APIs, fleet management platform—and support in acquiring data for intelligent mobility. 

3. Samsara

The real-time GPS tracking business shares a number of services with its clients, including video technologies, apps, telematics, and monitoring solutions to create a wider view of operations and create a more streamlined approach based on regular data sources. 

Its solutions act as catalysts for sustainability, enabling its clients to transition to electrified vehicles and more sustainable means of transportation. 

2. Motive 

Formerly called ‘KeepTruckin’, Motive is all about improving all metrics of fleet management, including safety, productivity, and profitability as a result of logistics and vehicle operations. Its Motive Automated Operations Platform brings together IoT hardware and artificial intelligence to track equipment and vehicles, and assess driver safety; vehicle compliance; maintenance requirements and more. 

The company currently serves a customer base of 120,000 businesses in logistics, construction and other industrial sectors to enable visibility, efficiency, and drive their growth strategies forward. 

1. Verizon Connect

A solution from the US-based telecommunications company, Verizon Connect is the arm developing fleet management solutions and encouraging visibility with a 360-degree view of business logistics assets. 

By leveraging subscription-based services, customers can benefit from the service by analysing fleet performance over time and ultimately reducing costs and increasing overall productivity. Such a solution will likely ease the transition to EVs as connected solutions integrate with on-board connectivity to provide insights in real time. 


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