EV Policy Shifts in the 2024 US Presidential Race

For drivers to make the move to EVs, they need to trust the infrastructure & regulations. Pawan Joshi, EVP of Products and Strategy at e2open explores

As the 2024 Presidential election starts to heat up in the US, the two potential second-term Presidents need a clear stance on electric vehicle regulation. 

While former-President Trump has previously described electric cars as ‘too expensive [and] don’t go far enough’, a lot has changed in four years. Electric mobility technology continues to advance and more drivers are placing their faith in EVs, while others are convinced to leave ICE behind, due to regulations surrounding emissions. President Biden proposed to reduce gas car sales, which led some states to implement laws limiting the number of them sold.  However, Biden might be changing some of the emission regulations, which at present, require that 67% of new cars and light-duty trucks sold in the US must be all-electric by 2032. Experts warn that an extended deadline might slow down the US’s transition to electric vehicles. 

Getting comfortable with electric vehicles 

e2open is a connected supply chain software platform which transforms the way businesses sell their goods and services. Based in Austin, Texas, its SaaS platform is designed to anticipate disruptions and opportunities to reduce waste and increase sustainably. 

Pawan Joshi, EVP of Products and Strategy at e2open, spoke exclusively with EV Magazine about the fallout of Biden’s decision. 

“Domestically, this has received mixed reactions – positive, from the auto industry, labour unions, etc. and negative, from the clean environment proponents,” Joshi said. “Objectively, it may provide the needed time for consumers to get more comfortable with switching to electric vehicles that have more advanced technology, such as better mileage, as well as better re-charging infrastructure.”

Regulations against EV adoption stun sustainability experts

At this week’s Sustainability LIVE Net Zero, expert speakers at The Future of EVs in a Net Zero World forum discussed the role of electric cars as a zero-tailpipe-emission solution to mobility. The all-female panel included Angela Hultberg, Global Director of Sustainability at Kearney, who spoke about recent regulation challenges, which she had previously been optimistic about.

“All of a sudden, we're seeing policy makers regulating against EV adoption, which is completely upside down! We're seeing more subsidies for fossil fuels and we're seeing regulation that nudges the consumer to actually stay with a combustion engine.”

You can watch the full discussion here

Hultberg is also one of our panel judges for The Global Sustainability & ESG Awards, which will take place on 10th September. 


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