Sigenergy, Solexis & Tritec Partner to Support EV Charging

Sigenergy 5 in 1 solution
Sigenergy partners with Solexis & Tritec to launch SigenStor, which integrates solar power, energy storage, and intelligent EV charging addressing range an

In the dynamic world of renewable energy, SigenStor stands out as a true innovation. It combines solar energy generation, energy storage, and intelligent EV charging into a single device, revolutionising the way we harness and use energy. 

This all-in-one system not only converts sunlight into electricity but also stores it for later use, ensuring a consistent power supply even during periods of low sunlight. It's a game-changer in enhancing energy reliability and reducing dependence on the traditional power grid.

A vital feature of this system is its intelligent EV charging capability, which optimises the charging process based on real-time energy availability and demand. During peak solar production, excess energy is efficiently directed to charge EVs, ensuring maximum utilisation of renewable energy.

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Advanced software algorithms drive this smart management system, balancing household or business energy needs with vehicle charging requirements. The approach lowers electricity costs and significantly reduces the carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.

An integrated solution

This integrated energy solution offers substantial operational savings and sustainability benefits for businesses. By leveraging solar generation and smart energy storage, businesses can reduce their energy expenses and enhance their green credentials. On the other hand, households benefit from greater energy independence and cost savings.

The consolidation of solar generation, storage, and EV charging into one streamlined device provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution, propelling the transition towards a more sustainable energy landscape.

left to right: Tony Xu, Founder & CEO of Sigenergy and Frederic Bichsel, CEO of Solexis

SigenStor a 5-in-1 energy Solution

Sigenergy, a pioneer in energy innovation, has partnered with two leading solar wholesale companies, Solexis and Tritec, to market its highly flexible and AI-supported energy solutions jointly. 

The collaboration, formalised in May this year, marks a significant step towards widespread adoption of integrated energy systems.

Sigenergy is the first company to introduce a 5-in-1 energy solution for private households and businesses, combining solar energy generation, energy storage, and intelligent EV charging into a single device known as SigenStor. SigenStor operates in three phases and can deliver between 5 and 25 kW of power while storing up to 48 kWh of electricity in one unit. 

Its modular and stackable design simplifies installation, eliminating the need for additional cabling and significantly reducing setup time. The advantage is particularly beneficial for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) projects, potentially saving several days of installation work. 

left to right: Roland Hofmann, CEO at Tritec AG and Tony Xu, Founder & CEO of Sigenergy

Furthermore, up to 20 systems can be connected in one matrix, supporting large-scale projects in the megawatt range.

The integrated DC fast charger in SigenStor allows EV charging up to 130 kilometres per hour, more than doubling the speed of conventional wall chargers. 

Additionally, the AI-supported energy management system offers customers a range of advanced features, including self-consumption optimisation, energy arbitrage, dynamic electricity tariffs, and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) integration.

Solexis and Tritec, as specialised solar wholesalers with robust technical support, are the ideal partners to bring this innovative product portfolio to all installers in Switzerland. Their extensive warehousing capabilities and comprehensive documentation and service in multiple languages ensure that Swiss installers can effectively utilise Sigenergy products.

Thanks to its advanced technology and practical benefits, both companies are confident that the product portfolio will quickly gain significant market share.

Solar energy supporting EV range anxiety

The integration of solar energy generation, energy storage, and intelligent EV charging into a single device like SigenStor represents a major advancement in the field of renewable energy and will help to alleviate range anxiety. Such an all-in-one solution offers unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability benefits for both private households and businesses.

With the support of Solexis and Tritec, Sigenergy's innovative products are set to transform the energy landscape, driving the adoption of greener, more efficient energy solutions across Switzerland and beyond.


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