Scania-owned Erinion Launches EV Charging Solutions

Intelligent private and semi-public charging solutions for heavy vehicles
Erinion, a Scania-owned company, offers turnkey depot and destination charging solutions, simplifying the transition to heavy duty EVs

Erinion, fully owned by Scania, is at the forefront of electric mobility, offering intelligent depot and destination charging solutions.

Founded within Scania’s ecosystem, Erinion is dedicated to simplifying the transition to heavy duty EVs for fleet owners, operators and property owners, ensuring operational efficiency and sustainability.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Erinion has established subsidiaries in five European markets and operates with a global perspective.

Importance of Regular Charging Points for Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks

Regular charging points for electric heavy-duty trucks are essential for the future of sustainable transportation. These trucks play a crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation sector. Reliable and accessible charging infrastructure is vital for their widespread adoption, ensuring these vehicles operate efficiently without extended downtime.

The infrastructure maintains the productivity and reliability necessary for logistics and transport operations. Additionally, consistent access to charging facilities alleviates range anxiety, supports long-distance travel, and encourages more fleet operators to transition to EVs.

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Addressing Market Challenges

The electric truck market is expanding rapidly due to advances in battery technology, stricter regulations and a heightened focus on sustainability. 

However, companies transitioning to electrification face significant challenges, including high upfront costs, range anxiety, long charging times and uncertainties about total cost of ownership (TCO).

Erinion addresses these challenges with purpose-built, efficient and reliable charging solutions, offering an end-to-end partnership for customers.

Meeting the Demand for Electric Truck Charging Infrastructure

Erinion aims to meet the growing demand for electric truck charging infrastructure.

By 2030, Erinion plans to install 40,000 charge points across Europe, contributing significantly to the projected need of 240,000-265,000 depot and destination charge points for an estimated 230,000 electric trucks.

Up to 90% of energy for electric trucks will be charged at these fleet hubs, which include depots, terminals or centres from which vehicles depart and return.

Key Benefits of Erinion's Solutions
  • Optimised Efficiency: Tailored solutions designed from precise data and industry experience.
  • Premium Uptime: Swift integration ensures immediate and uninterrupted operations.
  • Improved TCO: Enhanced energy usage, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Proven Customer Value

Erinion's charging infrastructure at pre-defined locations ensures predictable charging schedules, increased uptime, maximised operational efficiency and cost savings.

The organisation's tailored solutions have already delivered significant value to customers, reducing investment needs by up to 50% and enabling operational savings of up to (US$16,000) (€15,000) per truck annually.

Jonas Hernlund, CEO of Erinion

"Shifting to electrification requires our customers to adopt a systems perspective, which involves embracing new operational strategies," says Jonas Hernlund, CEO at Erinion.

"We offer a complete solution that simplifies the transition to EVs, enabling our customers to focus on their core operations while we handle the charging infrastructure."

Universal Compatibility

Erinion provides tailored solutions for various customer segments, including transport buyers (1PL), transport operators (2PL), logistics operators (3/4PL) and real estate developers/owners.

Its brand-agnostic approach ensures that businesses of all types, regardless of vehicle brand, can benefit from its charging infrastructure and operational services. This inclusive strategy levels the playing field for all customers, fostering broader adoption of EVs and accelerating the transition to a sustainable future.

Intelligent charging solutions for depot and destination charging hubs.

Experienced Leadership and Diverse Talent

Erinion benefits from a team with deep industry knowledge, grounded in their experience at Scania.

This ensures a seamless transfer of industry expertise while paving the way for innovative solutions.

Jonas, for example, previously served as Chief Commercial Officer at Einride and brings a decade of success from various leadership roles at Google.

Erinion has also strategically recruited top talent from leading tech and innovation companies like Tesla, Google and Spotify. This diverse team combines industry understanding with cutting-edge skills in scaling businesses and building strong brands, positioning Erinion for rapid global expansion.


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