How FOR EV is Fuelling Network Rail Scotland’s EV Fleet

Network Rail Scotland’s charging hubs
Infrastructure provider FOR EV has completed the installation of charging hubs at Network Rail Scotland’s key operational depots in Irvine and Cowlairs

FOR EV, in a collaborative effort with Network Rail Scotland and with the support of the Scottish National Investment Bank, has completed a landmark project.

It involved the installation of charging hubs at Network Rail Scotland's key operational depots in Irvine and Cowlairs, Glasgow, marking a significant milestone in a shared commitment to supporting Network Rail Scotland's fleet electrification efforts.

At these depots, FOR EV has deployed a mix of AC and DC charging technologies tailored to meet Network Rail Scotland's complex operational needs.

Advanced charging hubs

Using load-balancing technology, these cutting-edge charging hubs can simultaneously charge up to 56 fleet vehicles.

As a result, the specific demands of Network Rail Scotland's highly-specialised fleet can be met.

Wendi Wheeler, Principal Environment & Social Value Manager at Network Rail Scotland, comments: "Providing the infrastructure for our road fleet's transition to zero emissions was challenging. By leveraging external expertise and funding, we delivered the charging infrastructure more quickly and cost-effectively."

FOR EV is supporting Network Rail Scotland's EV fleet

Rapid deployment

The first hub at Irvine was delivered in an impressive nine weeks, a testament to FOR EV's commitment to rapid and efficient project delivery.

With the assistance of utility contractor Energy Assets, we ensured 24/7 uninterrupted access, maintaining Network Rail Scotland's total operational capacity.

"We're thrilled to have played a pivotal role in this innovative project, ensuring seamless execution and uninterrupted access to charging facilities," says Brian Ward, Managing Director for Construction at Energy Assets. "We're committed to supporting Scotland's transition to sustainable transportation."

The initiative forms part of Network Rail's National Road Fleet Transformation Programme, which aims to transition fleet cars and vans to zero-emission vehicles.

FOR EV's role includes installing, operating and maintaining the advanced charging systems for years to come. The project showcases FOR EV's ability to provide bespoke solutions to complex operational needs, using industry-leading technology to withstand adverse Scottish weather conditions. 

Support from Scottish National Investment Bank

The Scottish National Investment Bank, FOR EV's principal investor and a key partner in this project, supports the company's mission to accelerate Scotland's journey towards net zero.

With transportation being the UK's most significant contributor to carbon emissions, FOR EV offers a comprehensive solution for fleet owners and operators. This includes grid connection, installation, service and maintenance, insurance, 24/7 support, 98% uptime and detailed management information reporting.

Andy Clapp, Portfolio Director at The Scottish National Investment Bank, highlights: "Supporting Scotland's journey to net zero is one of our key missions. We're proud to be part of this innovative project by FOR EV, which exemplifies innovation in decarbonising transportation, helping create a cleaner future."

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Comprehensive charging solutions

Based in Scotland, FOR EV owns, installs and operates high-quality, user-friendly EV charging points across the UK, collaborating with various forward-thinking businesses and organisations across multiple sectors.

All FOR EV charge points supply 100% fully-accredited renewable energy, enhancing customers' environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials.

FOR EV's fleet solution provides a cost-effective option for fleet operators by eliminating upfront capital costs for hardware and installation.

Operators can focus on their core business while benefiting from a pre-agreed cost per kW charge based on annual fleet mileage, invoiced quarterly.

This model delivers savings and mitigates the financial risks of transitioning to electric charging.

Enhanced capabilities for Network Rail Scotland

Network Rail Scotland's EV fleet will benefit from the dedicated charging stations at Irvine and Cowlairs and access to FOR EV's expanding public network of charge points across the country.

The organisation can utilise pre-purchased electricity and personalised RFID cards at any FOR EV charge point.

This landmark project from FOR EV represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for Network Rail Scotland and demonstrates the critical importance of innovative infrastructure solutions in achieving environmental goals.


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