VWFS Fleet's EV Impact, from Siemens to the Pope

Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet is having an electrifying success in helping businesses from Hall & Pickles to Siemens reach their electric fleet goals

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) Fleet has shared how it has helped various businesses and notable figures, such as the Pope, to electrify their fleets. 

Steel stockholder and processor, Hall & Pickles, has made significant carbon reductions and cost savings, since transitioning to a low carbon fleet with Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) Fleet UK.

VWFS Europe has also agreed to electrify the Siemens fleet, as the company aims to make its entire fleet CO2-neutral and fully electric by 2030. 

Pope Francis has warned that the world is ‘nearing breaking point’ due to climate change and has made a sustainable mobility move by ordering over 30 fully electric models from the Volkswagen ID. family for the Vatican city fleet. The Pope already owns an electric popemobile from Fisker, with vegan interior and solar panels. 

Environmental and cost benefits of an electric fleet

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) coordinates the worldwide financial services activities of the Volkswagen Group. David Watts, Fleet EV Product Manager at Volkswagen Financial Services UK, spoke exclusively with EV magazine at the end of last year to discuss his thoughts on 2023 and offered some predictions for 2024. 

Read the full interview here

Hall & Pickles is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of its operations. It runs a car fleet of 60 vehicles for its field sales representatives, internal sales teams and senior managers. The company decided to transition to low and zero carbon vehicles, for the environmental and cost benefits.

EV incentives and business sustainability at Volkswagen 

Joanna Floyd, Direct Sales Executive at VWFS UK, spoke exclusively with EV magazine to share her thoughts on the partnership. 

“As Hall & Pickles operates in a traditionally carbon-intensive industry, we knew there was huge potential to make a real difference to overall business sustainability by tackling its fleet emissions.

“By working closely with the Hall & Pickles team, we were able to develop a robust transition strategy that was specifically tailored to the business’ and drivers’ individual needs. We’re still in the relatively early stages of implementing this strategy, but with a number of new PHEVs and EVs now in operation, we’re excited to see the carbon savings come to life and make a significant difference to Hall & Pickles overall environmental footprint.”

Andrew Burton, Senior Buyer at Hall & Pickles, said the team had found VWFS Fleet’s proactivity helpful in the model choice area, as they looked carefully at individual driver requirements and mileage patterns, before putting forward a selection of models that would suit their needs.

“Our drivers are able to make their own vehicle choices subject to cost bandings and the allowances they receive,” said Burton. “As part of our transition policy, we provided larger allowances to those opting for EVs to incentivise the switch. Sometimes, however, our drivers need a little more support in understanding what models will work best for them – as they may not have driven an EV or PHEV before.

“If my Account Manager thinks a specific vehicle will fit a driver’s profile perfectly - but it falls outside the company car bandings - they will work hard to deliver a flexible solution to make the vehicles available at the right price point. VWFS Fleet are always able to find the best vehicles for our drivers within our budgets.”


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