EVB Boosts Rapid Growth of the EV Market in the Middle East

EVB supporting green mobility in the middle east
EVB, part of Beny, showcased its intelligent EV charging solutions supporting the region's energy transition

The EV and EV charging industries in the Middle East have seen rapid growth in recent years. Government policies and the push towards energy transition have driven investments in EV charging infrastructure across the region.

In countries like the UAE, the government is actively promoting green transportation, leading to a significant rise in electric vehicle sales and a tremendous market potential.

Market projections and opportunities

According to recent data, the EV market in the Middle East is expected to reach US$3.33bn in 2024 and US$9.42bn in 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of 23.2%. Despite this booming development, the construction and sophistication of charging facilities still need improvement, presenting vast business opportunities for companies like EVB.

EVB Charging Solutions

EVB's intelligent charging solutions

To support this rapid development, EVB showcased its residential and commercial intelligent charging solutions at EV Innovation Summit:

  • Residential Solutions: EVB's smart EV chargers offer efficient and convenient charging services for home use. Their Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) systems adjust charging power based on real-time household loads, enhancing energy utilisation efficiency.
  • Commercial Solutions: EVB's commercial offerings include both AC and DC high-speed EV chargers, as well as commercial DLB systems. These solutions cater to high-frequency, large-capacity charging needs while providing intelligent energy management functions.
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Establishing a strong market presence

EVB has already established a strong presence in the Middle East. Their intelligent charging stations provide convenient and rapid power replenishment services to users in countries such as Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Through close cooperation with local governments, businesses, and partners, EVB has built a comprehensive sales network and service system, ensuring excellent support and services for local users.

EV Innovation Summit participation and future plans

As a leader in the EV charging sector, EVB's participation in EV Innovation Summit  showcased its commitment to advancing the energy transition in the Middle East. By presenting its intelligent charging solutions, EVB injected new vitality and momentum into the region's shift towards sustainable energy.

Commitment to innovation and sustainability

As the EV market continues to grow, EVB is dedicated to deepening its presence in the Middle East market. The company plans to continue innovating its products and services to meet the evolving needs of the region. EVB's efforts contribute significantly to the energy transition and sustainable development in the Middle East.

EVB's participation in the EV Innovation Summit highlights the company's role in supporting the Middle East's energy transition. With a strong market presence and innovative solutions, EVB is well-positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure, driving the region towards a more sustainable future.


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