E-Mobility Awards recognises industry electrification talent

The British Motor Museum plays host to the first in-person E-Mobility Awards and major technology and commercial innovators in the electrification sector

Home to some of the great minds in the e-mobility industry, the E-Mobility Awards celebrated its second ceremony and the first in-person recognition of the innovators that are shaping the way we travel. 

As the dedicated media partner for the event, EV Magazine was delighted to witness some great names entering and winning awards—many of which we will have our eyes on in the months to come. 

Hosted by the seasoned motoring journalist, TV presenter and, more recently, transport and e-mobility campaigner, Quentin Wilson, the E-Mobility Awards recognises a multitude of talent fields in the EV sector and beyond. 

Those in attendance at the awards provided a holistic view of the industry and where it is heading, and it’s safe to say that electrification, while the cars are critical, is centred around the technology innovators and ingenuity among startups to bring fresh new ideas to encourage consumers and businesses to switch. 

    The British Motor Museum becomes home to electrification

    Post-reception, guests were paraded past some of the historical exhibits featured at the British Motor Museum—the host venue for the E-Mobility Awards. While the ICE heritage will remain the most prominent exhibit in the building, we were quick to spot some of the future innovations positioned among the rest, including the Triumph TE1 electric motorcycle—captured in the October issue of EV Magazine

    With multiple awards presented to cross-award nominees, there were a few in attendance that stood out for their innovative commitments to electrification. Zapp EV, the e-moped company was praised significantly for its i300 two-wheeler, sporting sustainable, minimal-component design and its overall approach to e-mobility for the urban consumer. 

    McLaren Applied also received four awards, including the Prix d’Honneur, for its expertise and innovation in high-performance technology and design—the technology that led McLaren to win Formula One Championships, and will enable a new generation of performance through electrification. 

    To close the ceremony, Wilson spoke about the next steps for the industry and how advocacy and raising awareness of the demand for, and benefits of, electrification are crucial in turning heads. 

    “It’s out there, we have to push back against it, we have to think carefully about the messaging, and good news stories like this are the things we really do need to amply,” says Wilson.

    With such a profound ending to the awards, many attendees we spoke to agreed that the message must be spread further, and businesses and governments must take a proactive approach to converting consumers and fleets to electric. The award-winning teams that collected their awards show as examples of how all industries can contribute to an electrified future. 

    The categories and awards were as follows. 

    Innovation categories:

    • E-mobility/EV charge point network operator - SWARCO/ChargePlace Scotland 
    • E-mobility/EV charge point resellers and installers - Joju Charging
    • E-mobility/EV charge point manufacturer - CTEK AB 
    • E-mobility/EV infrastructure provider - 3ti Energy Hubs 
    • E-mobility/EV finance and insurance policies and plans - Tusker 
    • Marketing, communications and advertising - Mina 
    • Talent acquisition, HR and learning and development - TEVVA 
    • Recycling innovation and sustainability initiatives - Zapp EV 
    • Other types of EV - Air 
    • E-motorcycle and e-bike - SolarTaxi 
    • Bus/truck/van/pick-up EV - MAXUS 
    • Fuel cell EV - HV Systems 
    • Battery EV (BEV) - IONETIC

    Ingenuity categories:

    • E-mobility/EV charging equipment and app or software development - Octopus Electroverse
    • E-mobility/EV app or software development - Monta 
    • E-mobility/EV engineering - Zapp EV 
    • Marketing, promotion, communications and publishing - LeasePlan UK 
    • E-mobility/EV battery development - SolarTaxi 
    • E-mobility/EV design - REE Automotive 

    Overall achievement categories:

    • E-mobility/EV design and/or engineering team - McLaren Applied 
    • E-mobility electronics or software team - Jumptech
    • E-mobility/EV service team - SWARCO/ChargePlace Scotland 
    • E-mobility/EV marketing, communications or publishing team - LeasePlan UK
    • New E-mobility/EV marque launch - Zapp EV 
    • Start-up E-mobility/EV company - Monta 
    • E-mobility/EV manufacturer - MAXUS 
    • Prix d-Honneur - McLaren Applied

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