Volta Trucks talks about the importance of partnership

Chief of Staff at Volta Trucks, Celina Mittelsten Scheid plays a critical role for Volta Trucks. Through partnerships she acquires the necessary EV talent

While it's great to see some of the exciting innovations coming as a result of startups and vehicle manufacturers, we thoroughly enjoy hearing the stories of those from behind the scenes at businesses. 

As one of the leading truck manufacturers to decarbonise last-mile logistics vehicles, Volta Trucks prides itself on innovation in relation to decarbonisation, safety, and technology. 

Hearing from Celina Mittelsten Scheid, Chief of Staff at Volta Trucks, one of the key reasons she joined the company was to learn and engage with something bigger, which requires someone to liaise with suppliers and customers to achieve the best possible results.

Since the release of its zero-emission truck on its tour of Europe, Volta Trucks has been on a path of expansion with the opening of a showroom in Paris, and has supplied its truck to Heppner—a logistics firm based in the US—taking its trucks overseas. 


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