Volta Trucks releases commercial vehicle to the public eye

Manufacturer of Volta Zero, Volta Trucks has received significant interest in its electric vehicle in Europe, for last-mile logistics and clean cities

It has already been established that Amsterdam is one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world, but the whole country is moving towards a more efficient future. Anyone who visits the country will witness this. But a new, innovative player is entering the country to electrify its commercial transport. Volta Trucks is a proudly disruptive manufacturer of all-electric commercial vehicles, which is set to move into the dutch market for safe, efficient and eco-friendly last-mile logistics. 

The Swedish company is undergoing a significant expansion into the European market with appearances in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, and Frankfurt, resulting in more than 2,500 pre-orders—taking the total pre-order value to €600mn (£509.8mn). Following its tour of these cities, the Volta Zero is now making its way into the Netherlands for its Dutch debut at Zero Emission: EcoMobiel, in Brabanthallen. 

‘Having already visited many European markets, I’m delighted that we can bring the Volta Zero to the Netherlands. The Volta Zero has received very positive reception across Europe where we’ve undertaken nearly 1,000 demonstrations and, as a result, have taken over 2,500 pre-orders’, says Carla Detrieux, Business Development Director of Volta Trucks

‘This clearly shows the significant customer demand we already have in the market. To be able to further capitalise on this momentum, we now have in-market Business Development Managers supporting our customers across France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK. Our team of experts can help customers understand how Volta Zero can decarbonise their fleets, as we look towards having the first Volta Zero vehicles on the road next year’.

A sustainable last-mile 

The Volta Zero has been developed as a solution for decarbonising the use of trucks in cities. Capable of travel 120 miles, the Volta Zero is suitable for last-mile journeys to mitigate congestion in major cities. Volta Trucks has set ambitious targets for its vehicles, with the aim of cutting 1,191,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere—equivalent to 160,000 houses, standardising responsible sourcing of materials and other components for its products, and reducing the overall environmental impact of its supply chain and manufacturing processes. 

Improved safety comes as standard

According to figures obtained by Transport for London, around 20% of pedestrian accidents, as well as 78% of cyclist mortalities, involve an HGV. The all-electric design of the Volta Zero improves safety with a larger field of visibility as standard. To top this off The driver has a 220-degree panoramic view around the truck, achieving a Transport for London five-star rating against the Direct Vision Standard. 

To get a feel for what it’s like to drive a Volta Zero, check out the Volta Trucks website for a virtual view from inside the cab. 


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