Top 10: Luxury Electric Cars

With more EVs hitting higher price points, we’re looking at the luxury market and some of the most expensive, high-tech, well-crafted vehicles in the world

 As automotive takes on a relatively new form, we’re questioning just how much of this is attributed to luxury. With increased convenience and comfort across the board, for many it would seem that most electric vehicles (EVs) have that element of ‘luxury’. 

Previously, luxury has been defined by the level of class or status associated with a vehicle and traditionally those, such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Cadillac, would make the cut because of their added features, high-quality materials and finishings, and their general aesthetic to command the road and turn the eyes of anyone on the exterior. 

Fast-forward to today and you’ll find the word luxury is used to describe vehicles with that same prestige, but the most technologically advanced cabins and ingenious designs that wouldn’t otherwise be achieved with an internal combustion engine (ICE) in place. 

This topic was covered further in the June issue of EV Magazine, but for now here are the top 10 EVs that demonstrate electrified comfort at a luxury price tag. These are the types of electrified cars that present comfort and digital ingenuity—and may not yet be available on the market. 

Vehicle classification by price.

HiPhi X

10. HiPhi X

Price: US$85,670

The HiPhi X comes from the East as one China’s latest luxury EV products. The car is built around technology with digital at the heart of this machine. HiPhi isn’t about just giving its customers an experience, but providing them the tools to create their own. While the inside of the car is controlled digitally, the most important feature is the artificial intelligence (AI) built into the car to enable customised songs, poems, and other innovative uses of the cabin. 

This car also recognises minimal space limitations as it is built with the cabin forward to maximise the use of interior volume and reduce that lost from the propulsion system. 

Genesis Electrified G80

9. Genesis Electrified G80

Price: US$86,200 

Hyundai’s luxury brand has provided an alternative model for lovers of its G80 model. The electrified car from Genesis is said to rival the latest BMW i5 and Audi A6 e-tron. 

The car features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system that provides 370 horsepower to the wheels and an estimated WLTP range of 282 miles is achieved. Beyond the statistics, Genesis prides itself on the little things as it provides customers with a spacious interior and quiet-cabin experience to complete the luxury feel. 

BMW i7

8. BMW i7

Price: US$122,675

It’s the kind of vehicle we’d expect to see in the latest Mission Impossible film. The BMW i7 not only looks like it belongs to an executive driver, but will also be enjoyed from the back seat. 

The car is 5.39 metres long, providing ample space in the interior thanks to its electric architecture and classic BMW layout. However, the company has gone one step further to create a passenger environment that is great for long journeys, privacy, and incorporates digital technology to enable its users to gain all their home creature comforts in a mobile form. 


7. BMW iX

Price: US$139,440

This SUV may not be classed as a ‘utility’ anymore as it’s built for convenience luxury and is enabled by autonomous capabilities. The BMW iX is one of the first cars to truly realise the power of Level 3 self-driving capabilities

As the first luxury electric SUV in the BMW range the car comes with a variety of specifications, allowing the customer to select colouring, styles, and other details. But, the iX really leverages digital technology to provide drivers with the classic BMW quality going beyond in an all-electric model.

Mercedes EQS SUV

6. Mercedes EQS SUV

Price: US$159,650

A car in the SUV category as much a luxury vehicle as any saloon, Mercedes has really doubled down on the quality of its cars over the years and the EQS SUV is a result of that. While it is soon to be superseded by the Maybach version, this car still provides EV drivers with the level of luxury expected for the price point. 

The EQS SUV is also a seven-seater, meaning it bridges the gap between luxury and family cars to bring all members into the future. 

Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV

5. Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV 

Price: approx. US$200,000

At the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, Mercedes-Maybach unveiled their first-ever all-electric SUV, the EQS. This luxurious full-size SUV marks the brand's foray into a new market segment, alongside their existing S-Class saloon and GLS SUV models, which are powered by combustion engines. By introducing this all-electric SUV, Mercedes-Maybach aims to demonstrate their commitment to a more sustainable future, especially targeting Chinese and American markets.

Beneath its lavish exterior, the Maybach EQS SUV shares the EV2 platform with other models in the EQE and EQS lineup. It boasts a dual motor configuration that generates an impressive 649 hp and 950 Nm of torque, identical to the setup found in the EQS 53 saloon.

Lucid Air Sapphire

4. Lucid Air Sapphire

Price: US$259,000

You can’t help but feel like stepping into the Lucid Air Sapphire equates to a major leap into the future. Classed as a luxury super-sports EV, the Air Sapphire packs 1,200 hp equivalent and, from a performance perspective, is in a class of its own when compared to conventional ICE cars. 

This car is one to compete with Tesla at a high-end level and is expected to achieve a decent range of 400 miles per charge. Looking at the interior, it features a sporty premium interior with a central digital screen and electronic dashboard. The inside of the Air Sapphire is lit up through the high-rising windscreen that sweeps over the driver’s head. 

Cadillac Celestiq

3. Cadillac Celestiq

Price: US$300,000

Retaining the image and style of the traditional luxury brand, General Motors’ (GM’s) Cadillac Celestiq pays homage to its ICE brothers and sister with the added innovation of sound. As explained in the June issue of EV Magazine, General Motors is demonstrating more innovation in terms of sound design both inside and outside its cars

The Celestiq is one of the most expensive EVs on the market today—for good reason. It delivers a newly designed American design that echoes its heritage and aims to be the most luxurious vehicle on the market. Hand-built by GM, the Celestiq is built on Ultium Platform and provides an electrified spin on the company’s standardised architecture. 

Faraday Future FF91

2. Faraday Future FF91

Price: US$309,000

Hitting all the right characteristics of a luxury vehicle the Faraday Future FF91 is a high-ticket car that supports both comfort and digital as it incorporates the main premium car features with technology capabilities. 

Entering the car at the back can be done via its suicide doors and the passenger will be sat in zero-gravity seats, which are only visually comparable to the highest quality reclining cinema seats—most likely to create the feeling of watching the world unfold from the the comfort of this car.

Rolls-Royce Spectre

1.Rolls-Royce Spectre 

Price: US$413,000

It wouldn’t be a conversation about luxury without including the esteemed British brand Rolls-Royce. Its latest model, the Spectre, utilises the silence of an electrified motor to its advantage to provide its heritage aesthetics in a more sustainable package, and retain the key element of comfort and class. 

The Spectre debuted in October 2022 and is expected to drive the company in a new direction without compromising on its high levels of quality and the quirks of the Rolls-Royce that passengers know and love. We say passengers because the company creates a vehicle experience for those who ride in one of its vehicles—all of which are timeless and elegant. 


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