Top 10: Fleet EV Charging Companies

EV Magazine shared 10 charging providers fit for partnership with fleet operators to help them transform to sustainable commercial infrastructure solutions

There are a number of applications for commercial charging across the variety of businesses looking to encourage the use of more electric vehicles (EVs). This could be the need to power logistics fleets or provide charging for customers and partners visiting the office or production site.

Nevertheless, versatility is key for companies that want to promote more sustainable mobility across their own functions as well as those of others. As a result, the top 10 fleet EV charging companies are tasked with nudging the network along to evolve as internal combustion engines phase out. These companies develop multiple solutions, which could support fleet managers and allow them to take on the electrification challenge. 

A conceptual image of a sustainable, green EV charging unit by Allego

10. Allego

With a charging network spanning the European continent, Allego is making EV charging more accessible and aims to install faster solutions and create a network of convenience. The services provided by Allego go beyond passenger EVs as it delivers capabilities for motorcycles, buses, and trucks to charge—which supports consumers and commercial development. 

With more than 28,000 operational chargers across Europe, Allego continues to develop its network presence, and is a great option for fleet managers that require purpose-built hubs that align with the infrastructure already in place. 

9. Tritium

With a truly global presence, Tritium Charging Solutions is a key player in the DC charging space. The company announced in July 2023 that it has become the first charger manufacturer to be awarded the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) order for EV charger rollout in Hawaii. 

As a staple solution provider in the Americas, the company expanded its offerings to serve the European market towards the end of 2019.

The company was founded in 2001 as a hardware and software designer for reliable DC fast-charging devices. The company prides itself on delivering robust, reliable options, and is continuously innovating to break the boundaries of EV power supply. 

8. EVBox 

EVBox is more than just a home charging provider. The company has already developed a number of different EV charging options for installation, but offer versatile solutions tailored towards commercial fleets and company cars. The Elvi is an example of a home solution that can also be delivered to work settings, but the anticipated Liviqo model is one dedicated to commercial parking sites, retail and hospitality, and fleets. 

The aim of EVBox business solutions is to increase occupancy, generate new revenue streams for companies by offering customers a place to change, and also become a partner in achieving their sustainability goals. 

Blink's 'lifestyle' solution for curb-side charging in car parks

7. Blink Charging

Blink Charging is a leading provider of Level 2 EV charger solutions that helps businesses and organisations take advantage of the growing number of electric vehicles. With a full range of deployment configurations, Blink's EV charging solutions can be found all over the world, including North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Blink offers four flexible business models to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes:

  • Host owned: Businesses own and operate the charging stations, and Blink provides support services
  • Blink owned: Blink owns and operates the charging stations, and businesses share in the revenue
  • Hybrid owned: Blink and the business share ownership of the charging stations, and both parties share in the revenue
  • Blink as a service: Blink owns and operates the charging stations, and businesses pay a monthly subscription fee

6. Webasto EV Solutions

Webasto EV Solutions supports companies when investing in a greener future. A global innovator in this space, the company taps into partnerships with automotive manufacturers to deliver solutions that support their goals.

It offers EV charging solutions to meet the needs of businesses as they electrify and can deliver suitable solutions for workplace applications, business parking facilities, hotels, airports, and shopping centres. Organisations collaborate with Webasto to establish a suitable approach to charger adoption and allow them to source top talents and employee customer satisfaction.

5. ABB

A global leader in EV charging, and many other technology and automation solutions, ABB is on a mission to transform the way we use mobility and consume energy. Through partnerships with key organisations, including Formula E, the company is delivering necessary innovation projects to bring companies and their fleets into the future. 

ABB prides itself on charger compatibility and ease of use, while maintaining reliability from a grid perspective to deliver the necessary power for commercial and public applications. 

4. ChargePoint 

A leading provider of charging solutions across the US, and an influential organisation in the EV transition, ChargePoint delivers beyond public demand. By offering solutions of all sizes, the company caters for corporates and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), enabling DC fast charging used by customers and fleets. 

The company’s dedicated software development principles enable best-in-class services from concept to installation, maintenance and support. 

3. National EV

The nation being the US, National EV is building a network to counteract the high energy demand from a growing battery-electric vehicle presence in the states. Backed by an expert team of electricians, National EV helps clients get their charging projects off the ground and deliver company solutions for an array of applications. 

Equipping customers with its own project management software means they can manage larger installations, creating an all-inclusive service for prospective EV transitioners. 

Creating more commercial charging benefits from the EV transition

2. Enel X Way 

Demonstrating the performance of its charging solutions, Enel X Way is a chosen partner of MotoE and backs the Extreme E with smart charging capabilities. Equipped for various different operating environments, the company showcased reliability in a number of different countries, climates, and also remote charging appliances as well. 

Enel X Way’s JuiceBox Pro is a commercial EV solution that delivers robust electrical architecture and a consistent power output for charging a commercial lineup of cars, logistics vehicles, or others that come within a corporate fleet. 

1. EVgo

From the home to the work car park, EVgo keeps drivers moving with a number of different charging installations to suit even the most complex settings. Partnered with Whole Foods Market, The Save Mart Companies, and Kroger—to name a few—EVgo looks to attract new visitors to its clients sites and future-proof retail businesses for the electric future. 

With solutions for high-traffic sites, EVgo makes for a well-tested service provider for fleet managers—offering turnkey solutions and ongoing maintenance to keep business running as smoothly as possible. 


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