Sustainable action revolves around the adoption of EVs

We revisit some of the exciting EV stories from the latest magazine edition, as well a sneak peek into the upcoming EV Magazine LIVE on the 2nd of February

News is spreading about the growth of the EV market, but stresses still remain and consumers require solutions to meet their range anxiety with widespread charging. 

With the support from global initiatives and the evolving efforts of the EV industry, the electrification of the road network is looking ever more likely. 

How does UX design ease range anxiety for EV drivers?

When we think about UX in terms of EVs, not everything revolves around technology, however, UX design is a critical part of the transition to EVs and must cater for the needs of those switching from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. 

GRIDSERVE advocates sustainable charging at EV Magazine LIVE

What would this look like? Ideally, EV drivers would be able to take longer trips across the country, either for work or to enjoy a break, and know that there are ample charging stations along their route, that those charging stations will be available, and that they won’t be left strapped for ways to utilise charging time. 

This very much describes what GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy Limited is doing across the UK—creating the Electric Highway blueprint that will allow EVs to roam freely across the country. There’s also one more crucial word to include when discussing GRIDSERVE’s story—sustainability.

Formula E: overtaking climate change through electrification

Many partners join the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship for different purposes under the same umbrella; to achieve the same overall outcome. 

During season 8 of the globally-renowned, electrified motorsport, I was able to get behind the scenes at the London E-Prix—a double header that made it clear just how versatile EVs really are. 

Tevva builds sustainable electric trucks with a purpose

Milestones are what propel sustainability initiatives forward, and Tevva celebrated one recently as the electric truck manufacturer received European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) for its 7.5-tonne electric logistics truck. 

Having undergone 30 systems tests, including safety and electromagnetic compatibility, to gain EU and UK certifications through the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), as well as the Swedish Transport Agency (STA)

AEHRA showcases its pioneering SUV at EV Magazine LIVE

Having attended the very first launch of the AEHRA SUV, EV Magazine invited the Founder and CEO of the company, Hazim Nada, to speak at the inaugural EV Magazine LIVE event. 

The show will be hosted at the London Transport Museum on the 2nd February 2023, and the headline sponsor will share insights into the idealisation, production, and sustainability principles of the company’s beloved EV.


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