EV featured in the Sustainability events calendar in 2023

Following a successful year of sustainability LIVE events, we’re looking back on growth of audience and conversations leading organisations in 2023

The BizClik calendar of events is growing year-on-year with coverage of the key topics, such as electrification—electric vehicle (EV) adoption and energy transition—strategic plans to reach net-zero emissions, and the continued social support for communities and employees as corporations build diverse workplaces. 

The Sustainability Magazine platform, which features Energy and EV, have grown exponentially since their conceptions, but the real show of environmental advocacy was the sheer growth of their live audiences. Sustainability LIVE London was the first of many hybrid events, but since then we’ve incorporated other regions to create an inclusive events calendar each year. 

Topics covered: 

  • The growing adoption of EVs 
  • EV charging and infrastructure 
  • Net-zero emissions strategy and implementation 
  • GenAI in sustainability
  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace 
  • Women in sustainability and business
  • Clean energy transition and the impacts of global disruption
  • Supply chain transparency and risk management

What did our speakers have to say? 

With such a broad list of topics covered at our events, it’s almost impossible to cover everything that was discussed throughout the year. With that said, our speakers were very vocal about their experiences on stage, and in the crowd, at our events. 

Sara Bromma, Head of Policy at Pinterest (Sustainability LIVE New York): “I was thrilled to join to represent Pinterest’s efforts to combat climate misinformation and bring inspiring sustainability content to our Pinners. Thank you for having us at Sustainability LIVE Virtual!”

Sam Clarke, Chief Vehicle Officer at GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy Limited (EV Magazine LIVE): “We’ve got a lot of misinformation here and if you’re going to look at the media or news then please make sure that it is fact checked” 

Anna Pierce, Director of Sustainability at Tate & Lyle (Sustainability LIVE London): “Thank you for the opportunity to share Tate & Lyle’s regenerative agriculture journey. While there are challenges there are also tremendous opportunities to make a difference”

Stephen Kelly, VP Managed Services at NTT: “I enjoyed the event immensely, it was really great to meet so many inspiring people. Your team was amazing, so professional and yet able to ensure it was all done with great warmth. Thank you for the opportunity”

New sustainability events for 2024

Coming in in 2024, Sustainability LIVE will host a topic-specific event that will focus on net-zero emissions and the most imminent demand—climate change. Sustainability LIVE Net Zero will feature a new format with different stages with their own themes within the climate conversation: sustainability strategies, ESG, Net Zero & Planet, and Diversity & Inclusion. 

Following this will be a whole list of virtual events for Singapore, Dubai, New York, as well as the annual London-based conference where the inaugural Global ESG & Sustainability Awards will take place in September 2024. 

For the full events calendar and to sign up for the next event, head to the Sustainability LIVE website

Sponsors are also welcome to support these events as Sustainability Magazine grows in the new year. For sponsorships, click HERE.


Make sure you check out the latest edition of EV Magazine and also sign up to our global conference series - Sustainability LIVE 2024.


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