Bentley’s transformation to electrified luxury vehicles

The luxury automotive manufacturer toom concrete action in the name of electric vehicle (EV) production, by declaring an end its most powerful V12 engine

There’s no denying that automotive, as it stands today, just isn’t sustainable. While many are still on the fence about whether they will switch to an electric vehicle (EV) any time soon, the shift is taking place across the board. 

But, what happened to the idea the EVs would come with a compromise? The charging infrastructure is increasing, electrified vehicles are more available, and the range is steadily increasing. However, there is one aspect to account for, which is why Bentley Motors is preparing to go all-in with luxury all-electric cars.

We’ve already seen a major change at Bentley since the release of its Bentayga SUV, which has become a popular choice for its customers looking to roam the roads in style. Having already ventured into the SUV market puts the company in a better position to electrify, particularly when more drivers are looking to purchase larger vehicles

The company’s decision to discontinue its most powerful V12 engine, combined with a previous announcement of its hybrid-electric vehicle—the Flying Spur Hybrid, suggests that its automotive prestige will carry over to the EV industry, making sustainability available to conscious consumers in a high-end composition. 

The final upgrades will be made to its W12 engine, making it the most powerful model ever built for its cars, and will “retire this now iconic powertrain” as it takes strides towards electrification, according to its Chairman and CEO, Adrian Hallmark

A limited number of the W12 engines will be produced and installed into its Continental GT, Bentayga and Flying Spur models, marking the last of their kind to receive such an iconic internal combustion engine (ICE). 

The history of an iconic automotive brand

Powered by ICEs for more than 100 years, Bentley Motors was founded in 1919, and has since gathered a team of more than 4,000 experts to deliver some of the most sophisticated yet exciting automobiles ever seen in the UKs automotive industry. 

Comprising the finest grade materials, precision design and craftsmanship, and high-horsepower engine performance, the team is committed to the main mission and creates unique bonds between those that build the vehicles and those who drive them. 

Today, Bentley cars echo the ultra-premium qualities of their time and continue to provide customers with engineering excellence. Having ventured into the electrified automotive space in early 2022, the company now turns its attention to a new era of vehicle production while retaining its much-loved qualities. 

Beyond100: A path to sustainability through automotive excellence

The outlook for Bentley is far-reaching as plans are set in motion to decarbonise the business. From the development of conceptual vehicles and driving the development of its ‘Dream Factory’ in Crewe, the firm will focus heavily on reducing its impact on the planet. 

The electrified concept car known as the EXP 12 Speed 6e debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show back in 2017 and marked a bold statement at the time. The first crucial milestone for the business was the creation of hybrid-electric vehicles, including the Flying Spur, Flying Spur Azure, and the Flying Spur Mulliner. 

The bigger picture was always fully electric and the countdown continues as we expect to see an EV model in the near future as the organisation begins the decommissioning of ICEs. 


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