Lex Autolease sponsors Great Britain EV Rally showcase

As the sponsor of the GB EV Rally, Lex Autolease provides leasing opportunities for small businesses to facilitate a commercial switch to electric vehicles

Range anxiety and concerns around the ability of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging solutions are two of the main factors involved in the switch to all-electric. There are more EVs entering the market than ever seen before and the shift is very much underway, but consumers need to be confident that EVs are suitable for their day-to-day use. 

The Global EV Rally is a UK initiative, which aims to provide insight into the current availability of electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure network that supports e-mobility. The event saw 50 EVs, including both cars and vans to showcase the current market and the options available for consumers. The rally began at the Royal House, Castle & Gardens of Mey, UK, through 20 checkpoints and consisted of over 1,200 miles of driving across the UK, by fleet professionals, key industry personnel and three Guinness World Record Holders. 

Sponsoring the EV fleet rally

The subsidiary organisation of Lloyds Bank, Lex Autolease sponsored the event as a company that provides leasing services and is committed to helping small companies switch their fleets to all-electric alternatives. Lex Autolease led the first contract hire agreement in the UK and has provided value to clients that require specialist vehicles. 

Currently the organisation’s fleet consists of 329,000 vehicles, which accounts for one of every 30 new cars and light commercial vehicles registered as far back as 2015. 

Businesses are critical for the EV switch 

As the importance of EV adoption becomes more apparent each day, it’s clear that businesses can play a leading role in this, whether it involves technology development for batteries or vehicle manufacturing or selecting fleet vehicles that align with both their sustainability strategies and the wider climate change dilemma. 

The GB EV Rally is a mark of confidence in electric vehicles and enables more businesses, but also consumers, to see just how beneficial they are for everyday use. 

“With Lex Autolease’s strong focus on our customers’ transitioning to zero emission vehicles, the GB EV Rally is a fantastic showcase for what electric vehicles and the associated infrastructure can achieve,” Chris Chandler, Principal Fleet Consultant at Lex Autolease.

“The EV market is accelerating at a tremendous pace. Demonstrating these technologies and their capabilities now, helps build the confidence for others to go electric.”


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