Decarbonising Roads with Tevva's Electric Truck Test-Drive

Director Ken Scott explains why Tevva’s test drive event is a way for sustainable trucking solutions to light the way for zero-emission fleet management

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tevva has launched its first test-drive event, welcoming prospective customers to try out its battery-electric trucks.

Trucks account for 2% of vehicles on the roads and up to a quarter of road transport emissions. Tevva was founded in 2012 to design and build electric trucks to decarbonise the road freight sector. 


Decarbonising commercial vehicle fleets with electric trucks

Asher Bennett, Tevva’s Founder and CEO, has described the electrification of medium-duty trucks as inevitable and that charging infrastructure is a key part of the transition away from diesel.

“For medium-duty vehicles, electrification is going to happen one way or another,” he said. “Public infrastructure has a long way to go — though there are positive signs amid the considerable investments being made by governments around the world to accelerate the roll out of charging infrastructure.”

Tevva has redesigned its electric trucks so they can be recharged at a three-pin plug socket, like a smartphone. Not having to rely on high-speed charging infrastructure helps with early adoption and gives Tevva comfort that charging infrastructure is ready for its trucks.

The test-driving event aims to provide fleet managers, or anyone aiming to decarbonise their commercial vehicle fleets with the chance to drive an electric truck.

How electric vehicles can save money and enhance fleets

Ken Scott joined Tevva in 2021 as Chief Engineer and now works as the Director.

“Feedback from our drive events shows that fleet operators are increasingly eager to embrace electric trucks, as they recognise that reducing emissions aligns with long-term business goals and can deliver reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO).”

Nevertheless, Scott admits that the economic viability of zero-emission trucking poses certain challenges. 

“Constraints on charging and refuelling infrastructure, as well as the need for clarity on how TCO savings are demonstrated, loom large,” he says. “Tevva is actively collaborating with government, partners and customers to address these critical factors. We are confident that with the right support in place, electric trucks will not only save organisations money over a vehicle's lifetime but also enhance fleet and driver performance.”



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