Blitz Motors’ electric motorcycles set for UAE distribution

Partnering with VCR International, Blitz Motors finalised elements of supply and is looking to dominate the global electric motorcycle supply chain

With a leading position in the area of smart electric motorcycles, Blitz Motors is working with a franchisee in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

These collaborative efforts are in aid of testing, licensing, and approval processes for its electrified two-wheeled vehicles. This work marks a breakthrough for Blitz as it agrees to supply US$4mn of 300X electric motorcycles over a two-year period. 

The company looking to sell the motorcycles is VCR International, a highly established distributor in the UAE and the Middle East with over 40 years in the business. VCR International specialises in providing the necessary supply chain and procurement services to improve the service and delivery times of restaurants that sell to customers in the last-mile. 

“The B2B-focused electric motorcycle market in the UAE is untapped at the moment, due to the lack of viable electric options available to service providers,” says Raushan Uttamchandani, Co-Managing Director at VCR International, who expresses the potential of the work carried out with Blitz

“Most of the large last mile delivery services are still operating with 100% of their fleets consisting of traditional gas motorcycles. We are delighted to have partnered with Blitz and Raphael to bring their motorcycles and holistic electric mobility solution to the UAE.

“We’re confident that the 3000X electric motorcycle developed by Blitz, with its unique battery swapping technology, will finally make it viable for the last mile sector in the UAE to start transitioning to electric deliveries. We are excited and eager to get started with Blitz and see how much of an impact we can make together in the UAE.”

As of February 28th 2023, VCR is the exclusive distributor of Blitz e-motorcycles in the UAE, which is agreed to continue for the next 24 months with the annual order increasing by 1,200 units at a later date. Currently, the partnership will support both organisations to spread awareness of the brand and embed them in the EV supply chain.

“We are thrilled to be entering the UAE market, a significant milestone that demonstrates the confidence in our business model, the quality of our motorcycles, batteries, and our unparalleled range of services and information in the electric scooter industry. We are excited to partner with Raushan and his team to bring e-mobility to the peninsula,” says Raphael Moszynski, CEO at Blitz Motors

Raphael Moszynski, CEO at Blitz Motors

The 3000X electric motorcycle decarbonising the last mile 

With growing demand for last-mile logistics vehicles, the 3000X will provide companies with more sustainable solutions for transporting restaurant takeaways and other goods to consumers. Between the partners they will act as catalysts for cutting-edge technologies to be presented to the region and become stewards for sustainable transportation methods that also meet economic demands. 

However, working with VCR is but one step in Blitz’s wider strategy for global expansion as the company continues to enter new markets and position itself as a leading e-motorcycle maker. 

Blitz Motors was founded in 2012, but the company has since been developing full products for the electrification of road transport. 

As explained by Moszynski, the company was created “to make a change and leave a trace for a better world, striving to accelerate the transition to sustainable urban transportation. Today Blitz provides last-mile solution service to food and delivery companies as well as sharing solutions for people living in urban areas”.


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