SolarBotanic’s solar-powered tree that could charge EVs

SolarBotanic Trees Ltd has a peculiar solution to charging multiple electric vehicles (EV) in public with its solar-powered tree to leverage biomimicry

Nature has the solution to almost everything, so why not mimic its characteristics for future developments in energy and sustainability? 

We need not answer this as SolarBotanic Trees Ltd has found the answer for its solution through nature as it develops a solar-powered tree structure that is capable of capturing the sun’s energy, storing it, and powering electric vehicles (EVs) and homes. 

The solar tree that could revolutionise EV

While the tree looks like a piece of Singapore plucked from the city, the SolarBotanic Tree is a futuristic looking product that could change the way energy is distributed to cars and homes. The scalable solution is aptly named a ‘tree’ due to its resemblance and functionality, which leverages biomimicry to achieve effective results to achieve all necessary functions. 

So, what are the benefits of such an interesting-looking product? 

  • The SolarBotanic Tree will be capable of producing energy for a three-bedroom house while further energy sequestered by the unit will be put into the grid
  • The Tree can charge electric cars and be strategically placed to ensure that enough charging stations are made available to meet EV demand 
  • It can be used to create microgrids to be situated at homes, in car parks or at business premises
  • The Tree system can be integrated and is scalable
  • The unit is built using technology called ‘nano-leaves’, which allows it to adapt to the weather conditions and maximise energy production all year round
  • Robust construction makes it durable with light materials

While the development is very much underway, there are still many years to wait until the solution is ready to be rolled out on a large scale. Following the first five years of its development, the company is now ready to apply for its series A funding round and begin to get the development of the SolarBotanic Tree off the ground. 

The Tree will also be coupled with the company’s Energy Management System (EMS), which is an AI-based product in development alongside its key partners, including the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) and Brunel University London.

Over the coming years, we can expect to see more from the company, but for now the business’s plans are set for the next five years, with the launch of the product to take place in 2025 to 2027—following more revisions of the ambitious product development.


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