Chameleon technology’s answer to home EV charging in the UK

The EV industry is growing rapidly, the demand for smart home charging has never been greater, making way for a new smart charger, the ivie

The ability to leverage real-time data and insights provides homeowners with multiple benefits when it comes to cost-saving energy consumption, but even more so when integrating their electric vehicles (EVs) into their home energy ecosystem.

The ivie EV Charger and the ivie Charge app have been launched to provide EV drivers with an efficient and cost-effective solution to home and public charging. The ivie EV Charger and app work together to enable EV drivers to set their own charging schedules and save on energy bills while reducing carbon emissions. 

ivie’s ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of inefficient and wasteful energy use is exemplified by the ivie Charge app, which identifies the greenest times to charge EVs. ivie is providing users with peace of mind and maximum savings through minimal effort. The app allows users to take full advantage of off-peak energy prices and charge when it is cheapest or greenest.

“Adoption of technology is a major component in helping drastically cut carbon emissions, supporting the UK’s goal of transitioning to more sustainable motoring by 2030. However, ongoing frustrations around infrastructure and reliability remain and we are aiming to address these with a ‘truly smart’ app alongside our EV charger to encourage faster adoption among motorists,” says Mike Woodhall, CEO of Chameleon Technology

The UK's EV market is growing, and the need for smarter, simpler and greener home charging is becoming increasingly important. The ivie Charge App delivers seamless charging and payment at over 9000 UK charging points, avoiding the need for multiple apps and RFIDs. 

The ivie Charge app

The upcoming roaming features of the ivie Charge App will be freely available to all EV drivers in the coming months. For motorists needing to recharge on the move, the ivie Charge App displays the accurate status of public charge points before arrival, avoiding wasted journeys.

“Convenience is one of the key features of the ivie EV Charger and the ivie Charge app, helping EV drivers to easily overcome the frustrations around home and public charging and battery range,” says Woodhall. 

“We’ve integrated charging features built around consumer needs with the ability to set and forget, fitting in perfectly with busy lifestyles combined with easy public charging and simple payment methods. We’re making it much easier to ensure that the EV is always ready to go.”

The ivie EV Charger and app cost £1,099, come with an industry-leading five-year warranty, and include comprehensive customer support. ivie provides a seamless installation process from initial purchase through to the authorised installation team arriving to install the charger. 

The ivie Charge App is available to download for free for Apple and Android phones, with public charging features to be available to the general public in the coming months.

“Helping everyone achieve carbon neutrality is a key objective for Chameleon and its consumer brand ivie, as demonstrated by the introduction last year of ivie’s smart energy app, which aims to save households money on their bills by saving energy and becoming more eco-friendly,” says Woodhall.

“Thanks to the ivie app and the ivie Bud in-home display device, over 40,000 households are now successfully reducing energy costs as well as carbon. With these two new products we hope to introduce the same benefits and more for EV drivers.”


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