Top 10: Electric Motorcycle Companies

EV Magazine takes a look at the most influential businesses in terms of electric motorcycle innovation and advocacy for climate-compliant thrill seeking

Focusing on both innovation and influence. We want to know that the most influential motorcycle makers can also provide ingenious new examples of all-electric motoring. From intuitive riding to the longest range and best performance, the businesses have delivered continuously to allow the industry to evolve with the times, and generate new waves of interest in the process. 

The Top 10 Electric Motorcycle Companies are the saviours of the sector that is made of thrill-seekers, night-riders, commuters, and much more.


10. Kawasaki 

The much-loved motorcycle brand released its first showcases of EV performance in August 2023 with the Ninja e-1 and the Z e-1 electric motorcycles making a splash in industry news. 

These vehicles are built incredibly light with the Ninja e-1 expected to be just 140 kg while the Z e-1 is even lighter at 135 kg. The company also joined up with industry powers Honda , Suzuki and Yamaha to create Gachaco—a battery swapping business that will serve motorcycle riders.


9. Ducati

The partner of choice for the MotoE World Championship and a veteran in the sport bike space. The team was drafted to build the next MotoE vehicle, which we can expect is a testament to its plans for electrification of its consumer product line. 

Since this featured in the first ever edition of EV Magazine, we’ve seen great progress in the development of the motorcycle and we expect this will also champion many more achievements in terms of charging performance.

BMW Motorrad

8. BMW Motorrad

Slightly controversial in this group, the BMW Motorrad business delivers the CE 04, which looks somewhat like a moped. While this doesn’t compromise on power and performance for a city rider, it does beg the question—where is the line between moped and motorbike? 

Nevertheless, BMW’s motorcycle arm delivers a great commuter that is suitable for the idea of micro-mobility in cities. For riders that neither have space nor the inclination to ride for long distances, the BMW has them covered.


7. Verge

A startup that has appeared only recently, Verge Motorcycles has an entirely unique, revolutionary approach to electric motorcycle development. Its unseen architecture is set to deliver exceptional performance and ride while also reducing the level of maintenance required to keep the motorbike at its best. 

You’ve only got to look at the sheer ludicrous design of the Verge TS models to visualise how the company will make an impact in years to come.


6. Triumph

Launching its first all-electric motorcycle prototype to the public at the end of 2021, Triumph shares a similar path to its fossil-fuel-derived competitors, but still has far to go to offer a fully electric motorcycle range. 

Now in phase 4 of development, the Triumph TE-1 achieves a maximum range of 100 miles with peak power of 175 horsepower. In terms of charging, it only takes 20 minutes for the TE-1 to charge from 0 - 80%, which is faster than many others on the market.


5. Damon

Electric motorcycles by Damon are all about ingenuity. Not only is there a performance boost from its HyperDrive integrated system, but the company is paying attention to what riders want by creating adjustable bikes that mechanically shift to meet the needs of the rider. 

Something of a futuristic style ride, the Hypersport is one of its vehicles fitted with its 360-degree CoPilot, but also leverages shifting handlebars and foot pedals to put the ride in the correct position for the speed.


4. Arc

The longest-range electric motorcycle we’ve seen so far comes from Arc. With a charging time of 40 minutes for its Vector model and a weight of just 240 kg, range is capable of reaching 435 km or 270 miles. 

The Vector is one of a very interesting lineup of vehicles as the company has recently released the design of a four-wheel off-road car alongside its two street bikes and a dual sport.

Harley Davidson - LiveWire

3. Harley Davidson - LiveWire

The iconic motorcycle brand is very much committed to electrification. Its acceptance of the challenge is marked by its branding with a new business ‘LiveWire’ delivering motorcycle enthusiasts with new and innovative electric motorbikes. 

It seems that, through the new brand, Harley Davidson is focused on what’s important—providing the same great Harley experience in an electric format without compromising on power or comfort.


2: Zero 

Zero motorcycles is a great all-electric pick for the sheer breadth of motorbikes that it offers. The company is delivering a number of products to the market that meet the needs of the thrill seeker or the everyday user.

Not only has its electric architecture been influential in the industry, but it can also be applied to many different formats to offer a great variety of styles and functions to its customers. From streebikes to dual-sport models, Zero now has nine products in its range, each receiving new updates on the regular. 

We see Zero as a great solution provider for a new era of mobility as more and more consumers shift micro-mobility for its conveniences and low impact. The accessory products offered by Zero make this process a much easier shift with comfort, power, and storage solutions.


1. Energica

Aside from its name suiting the industry to a tee, Energica is responsible for developing some of the sector’s best-performing motorcycles with top-tier range in both cities and on highways. The Energica Eva Ribelle and the Experia are among the longest-range motorbikes in the world and will even outperform a number of passenger cars with a fraction of the battery and charging requirements. 

From touring to street and sports riding, Energica is built with high-energy lithium polymer batteries to enable those benefits along with DC fast charging compatibility. 

The Energica Inside business unit is one of the youngest, but since 2022 it has delivered some amazing progress and supported motorsports with its motorcycles to built an entirely new structure to the industry, following the trends of other four-wheel racing championships.


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