Exclusive Video: E1's Rodi Basso on Electrification

Join CEO Rodi Basso and SeaBird Technologies as they revolutionize powerboating and raise awareness of climate change solutions

Disruption to the environment poses a significant threat to our livelihoods. Businesses, consumers, and governments recognize the urgency of addressing climate change. One critical concern is the impact of consumption on our oceans, which face risks due to rising temperatures, pollution, and increased disruption.

Rodi Basso, CEO of the UIM E1 Series World Championship, witnessed these challenges firsthand and was inspired to take action. Working with SeaBird Technologies, they developed the electrified boat RaceBird. The E1 Series aims to revolutionize powerboating and raise awareness of climate change solutions.

The championship focuses on coastal areas and economies, supporting legacy projects in marine conservation. Expert Carlos Duarte evaluates their impact on emissions, noise, and wave generation. The goal is to involve local communities and businesses, drive innovation, and protect marine life.

The E1 Series plans for an international calendar with races across different regions. Their vision includes carbon neutrality and self-sustainable events. They emphasize education, innovation, and responsible practices to achieve zero-emission goals and ocean decarbonization.


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