The year’s EV executive shifts driving electrification

Set to influence further electrification, we bring you the most recent executive moves from the EV sector with consideration for key events in 2023
Ben Payne

1.  Ben Payne 

Job From: Chief Creative Officer - Lotus

Job To: Vice President of Design - Lotus

The newly appointed Vice President of Design at Lotus Ben Payne takes on the position from its previous holder Peter Horbury who passed away in June 2023. Having worked closely with Horbury, Payne feels a great sense of privilege to be taking his mantle. 

Payne most recently worked on the team that designed the much-anticipated Lotus Eletre, which was the first all-electric to make it to the delivery stage and one of a trio of EVs that will electrify the company’s automotive lineup. 

Payne has only worked with Lotus since February 2022, but previously worked under its parent organisation GEELY as its Managing Director and Head of its Studio for automotive design. 

“It’s an honour to be taking on this new role, and I am excited to further elevate the brand globally,” said Payne as he addressed his appointment to the position where he will work even closer with Lotus’s executive team.

Vincenzo Regazzoni

2. Vincenzo Regazzoni

Job From: Executive Manufacturing Advisor - Regazzoni & Partners Consulting

Job To: Chief Industrial Officer - Aston Martin

Earlier this year, Aston Martin snapped up the previous Chief Manufacturing Officer of Ferrari. Vincenzo Regazzoni left the organisation in 2022 to become a consultant in the manufacturing field, but has recently returned to an automotive brand. Joining Aston Martin is part of the company’s master plan to strengthen its leadership team as it navigates the evolving auto sector. 

Lily Cole

3. Lily Cole

Job From: New Energy Director - SMS plc

Job To: Hub Development Director - InstaVolt

A slight recap of the year, Lily Cole shifted to InstaVolt in July 2023 to share her 15+ years of energy industry expertise with the organisation. Her position will help InstaVolt to meet the growing needs of EV drivers as it continues to deliver new electric car charging hubs.

Koji Sato

4. Koji Sato

Job From: Chief Branding Officer & Operating Officer - Toyota

Job To: Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors, President & Operating Officer - Toyota

Bringing a new lease of life to the Toyota brand, Koji Sato took the helm in April 2023 as the new CEO of the company to replace Akio Toyoda. As the company’s previous CEO was not aligned with the organisation's electric trajectory, he nobly stepped down and opened up the position for a more suitable executive.

David Woolley

5. David Woolley 

Job From: Chief Executive Officer - VIE Kapital AB

Job To: Chief Executive Officer - Saietta 

Saietta is a UK-based firm developing a number of electric drive systems for a variety of EV applications. These include electric boats, buses, trucks, cars, quadricycles, bikes, and scooters. The company appointed David Woolley as its CEO to drive further success in this area as more and more businesses require electric platforms and other powertrain solutions.

Charles Sanderson

6. Charles Sanderson 

Job From: Chief Engineer, Rivian 

Job To: Chief Technical Officer​​​​​​​, McLaren Automotive

Returning to the supercar company’s team in March, after a nearly-five-year stint at Rivian as its Chief Engineer, Sanderson is now McLaren Automotive’s Chief Technical Officer.


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