Shell Ushers in Megawatt Charger for Trucks & Vessels

Shell Ushers in Megawatt Charger
Shell introduces its first-megawatt charger at ETCA, powering electric trucks and vessels with renewable energy from its advanced microgrid system

Shell has made a significant stride in its green energy transition with the inauguration of its first self-developed megawatt charger at the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA).

The powerful charger, designed to serve electric trucks and shipping vessels, marks a significant milestone in sustainable logistics, enhancing Shell's commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative energy solutions.

Hilmar van den Dool, General Manager of eMobility at Shell

Key features of the megawatt charger

Dual-use Capability The megawatt charger supports a broad range of vehicles, from electric trucks to various vessels, including barges, tugboats, service vessels, and ferries. Its versatility ensures rapid and efficient charging, with the charger offering the equivalent power of three 350 kW fast chargers. 

The capacity enables it to meet the demands of heavy-duty transportation, both on land and water, promoting greater adoption of electric mobility in sectors traditionally reliant on fossil fuels.

Innovation and Flexibility: The Megawatt Charging System (MCS) features a pioneering design with two separate charging arms. One rotatable arm is dedicated to electric vessels, while the other serves heavy-duty electric trucks and buses. 

The dual-arm system, equipped with CCS (Combined Charging System) adapters, accommodates various battery types, ensuring universal compatibility. The innovation simplifies the charging process and enhances operational efficiency, making it easier for logistics companies to transition to electric fleets.

Renewable Energy Integration: The megawatt charger seamlessly integrates into ETCA's smart microgrid, powered by renewable energy from 3,600 rooftop solar panels. The microgrid includes stationary battery storage, 119 EV chargers for cars, and a hydrogen electrolyser, creating a holistic energy ecosystem. The integration ensures that the energy used for charging is sustainable, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Melissa Williams, President at Shell Marine

Melissa Williams, President at Shell Marine, highlights the charger's strategic benefits for the shipping industry.

She said: "This solution offers flexibility for charging a wide range of inland and port vessels. We are excited to deploy this technology and support the logistics supply chain."

Shell addresses the critical need for sustainable logistics infrastructure by providing a versatile and efficient charging solution.

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Looking ahead

Although Shell's megawatt charger at ETCA is currently a demonstration setup, it is ready for immediate use by appointment for vehicles and vessels with megawatt charging capability.

Its readiness underscores Shell's commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.

Shell's forward-thinking approach involves embracing cutting-edge technologies and renewable energy sources. The initiative positions Shell at the forefront of the global energy transition, ensuring long-term profitability while advancing environmental stewardship. 

By supporting the infrastructure needed for electric mobility, Shell is reducing its carbon footprint and enabling other industries to do the same.

The launch of the megawatt charger represents a pivotal moment in Shell's journey towards a greener future. It indicates the company's dedication to sustainable innovation and its role as a catalyst for change in the energy industry. 

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, Shell's efforts in developing and implementing advanced energy solutions will play a crucial role in shaping the logistics and transportation sectors for years to come.


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