LG Energy Solution to Supply LFP EV Batteries to Ampere

Ampere by Renault Group
LG Energy Solution is set to supply LFP pouch-type batteries to Ampere, Renault Group's EV player, in a five-year deal starting in late 2025

LG Energy Solution has announced a significant new partnership to supply LFP pouch-type EV batteries to Ampere, an EV pure player born from the Renault Group.

The agreement serves as a continuation of LG Energy Solution’s long-standing relationship with Renault Group.

The supply agreement was signed on 1 July at Renault's Paris headquarters, with key executives in attendance:

  • Wonjoon Suh, Executive Vice President and Head of Advanced Automotive Battery Division, LG Energy Solution 
  • Seungdon Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Advanced Automotive Battery Development Center, LG Energy Solution
  • François Provost, Chief Procurement, Partnerships and Public Affairs Officer, Renault Group
  • Gilles Le Borgne, Chief Technology Officer, Renault Group
  • Josep Maria Recasens, Chief Strategy Officer, Renault Group and Chief Operating Officer, Ampere
  • Philippe Brunet, SVP of Powertrain and EV Engineering, Ampere
Signing ceremony in Paris

Wonjoon Suh, Executive Vice President and Head of the Advanced Automotive Battery Division at LG Energy Solution, says: "We will provide Ampere with the best customer value through our overwhelming technological prowess and quality competitiveness."

Details of the agreement

Under this five-year contract, LG Energy Solution will provide LFP batteries to Ampere from late 2025 through to 2030.

The agreement covers a total capacity of approximately 39GWh, sufficient to produce around 590,000 battery EVs. Batteries will be manufactured at the LG Energy Solution’s Poland facility and will power Ampere's next-generation EV models.

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"Through this partnership with Ampere, our unrivalled product competitiveness and differentiated customer value have been recognised once again," adds David Kim, CEO of LG Energy Solution, emphasising the significance of the partnership.

"Starting with the European market, we will keep expanding our supply of automotive LFP batteries in earnest. Moreover, we will continue to provide the world's best customer value through our proven operational excellence and differentiated product portfolio."

LFP competitiveness in Europe

"We worked hand in hand with LG Energy Solution to set up an integrated value chain in Europe," continues François Provost, Chief Procurement, Partnerships and Public Affairs Officer at Renault Group, highlighting the collaborative effort.

"Our long-term relationships have enabled us to build this unique solution in terms of technology and competitiveness." 

François Provost, Chief Procurement, Partnerships, and Public Affairs Officer at Renault Group

This significant deal marks LG Energy Solution's first large-scale supply of LFP EV batteries, a market traditionally dominated by non-Korean manufacturers. Europe, one of the three largest markets for EVs, is a particularly fierce battleground for this technology.

LFP batteries are known for their cost-effectiveness and safety. They use iron and phosphate, which are less expensive than the materials used in NCM batteries. This makes them an attractive option for the growing market of affordable entry-level EVs.

World's First CTP Solution-Applied Pouch-Type Batteries

LG Energy Solution is pioneering the application of CTP (Cell To Pack) technology in pouch-type batteries. This innovative approach eliminates the module stage, allowing cells to be packed directly, which reduces cost and weight while increasing space utilisation.

Compared to prismatic CTP technology batteries, LG's CTP solution-applied pouch-type batteries have about 5% higher energy density per weight, enhancing energy efficiency for EVs.


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