Candela C-8: Boating powered by a Polestar car battery

Candela has started production on its C-8, the new electric boat boasting efficiency, range & speed — all powered by the same pack as the Polestar 2

Headquartered in Sweden, electric boat company Candela has been making waves in the electric transport industry since launching the Candela C-7 in 2018. Numerous awards — as well as topping electric boat sales in Europe — have ensured that all eyes are on the company to see what they produce next. 

Car battery powering electric boats

Production has started on the Candela C-8, which is being described as ‘racing car meets flying carpet’. 

The new boat features the same hydrofoil technology as has been so popular in the C-7, but also a car battery —  the same 69 kWh pack as the Polestar 2 electric performance fastback. 

The Polestar battery brings DC charging to the table, meaning that the C-8 now combines the longest electric range — 57 nm — with the fastest charging times. The result is the longest-range electric boat on the market, by a factor of two. 

The boat is also designed to be the most efficient boat ever built. At 20 knots, the energy usage per nautical mile is just 0,8 kWh —  the energy content of 0.1 litres of gasoline.

Made in Sweden from carbon fibre, the boat is also significantly lighter than many of its counterparts. It has a top speed of 27kt and capacity for eight people, with sleeping space for two adults and two children.

Hydrofoiling — silent travel

The boat features retractable hydrofoils. In shallow mode, the foils and Candela C-POD are protected by the hull. In extreme weather conditions that prevent foiling, C-8 can be driven as a conventional boat, albeit with reduced range.

Instead of pushing through waves, C-8 glides in silence over the water’s surface. The Candela C-Pod is a motor perfected for hydrofoiling, deviating from the trend of larger engines in leisure boating. By combining innovation in electric propulsion with hydrofoiling, the C-8 leaves no wake behind.

Additionally, the boat features some incredible technology, with statistics available via the app to ensure a low-effort ride — similar to a modern quadcopter drone, the C-8 intelligently senses its position relative to the surface of the water and adjusts accordingly.

Prices for the Candela C-8 start at just below US$349,000 excluding tax, with the boat expected to hit the water in summer 2025.


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