Candela uncovers the hydrofoil tech decarbonising boats

To achieve sustainability in local and regional boating, Candela's CEO, Gustav Hasselskog, delves into the hydrofoil technology decarbonising its e-boats

There is a growing interest in recreational boating, which comes at an exciting time for the industry thanks to electrification. 

With more young consumers interest in boat ownership—generally through co-ownership—or rental, the industry must decarbonise in line with road and air transport. 

Candela recognised this and is working on some exciting, potentially record-breaking, projects that will enable boat users glide across water without damaging the environments above or below them. It does this using hydrofoil technologies that are highly efficient and, more importantly, electrified. 

While we've previously covered Candela at EV Magazine, who better to explain hydrofoil technology and lightweight battery propulsion than the company's Founder and CEO, Gustav Hasselskog.

This first episode of Candela's 'Tech Talks' explains the basics of Candela boat operation and the capabilities that have been build in thanks to its lightweight, sustainable propulsion system, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create a silent cruiser. 

Candela's mission to electrify marine transportation 

The company was founded in 2014 and inspired by Tesla's story of electrification to decarbonise passenger cars globally. Now Candela supplies its C-8 boat, with more products to come from its lineup, which is available in multiple locations across the globe. 

As explained by Hasselskog, travel at the optimal speed, the C-8 is capable of travelling 50 nautical miles, and at 20 knots can 'fly' for two and a half hours—all thanks to its refine hydrofoil blade and propeller system as explained in the YouTube series. 


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