Top 10 global electric vehicle charging innovators

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is accelerating and charging innovators are providing necessary infrastructure to enable the switch to sustainable motoring

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads is increasing and the infrastructure must adapt to support this. This shift is creating a higher demand for EV charging points and creating competition among the leading companies in this space. 

But who are the leading charging solutions providers? Here we cover ten of the best charging solutions providers with various capabilities and specialities, including at home smart charging and commercial-grade systems. 

10. Newmotion

As another of Shell’s charging subsidiaries, Newmotion develops commercial solutions for EV charging, primarily, business fleet chargers and car manufacturers. The company also operates a network of around 200,000 public charging stations across 35 countries—7,000 across the UK.

9. Osprey 

The UK-based charging provider, Osprey. is simplifying the experience of Brits. The firm has developed various charging station types for different commercial settings, which enable unmanned operations. The company has also secured partnership with British Gas to accelerate the electrification of its fleet. 

8. Gridserve

Gridserve has taken a customer-focused approach to facilitating the EV shift as it continues to develop forecourts for EV drivers. Gridserve forecourts act as charging hubs as well as retail outlets and automotive showrooms. Forecourts are at the forefront of its current development, but the firm previously installed a network of chargers across the UK and Ireland. 

7. Hyundai Motor Company 

Developed hand-in-hand with the Hyundai Ioniq range, the company provides its own charging solutions, which is designed to simplify the EV charging process. It will achieve this across the board as customers can use its Charge myHyundai app for seamless access to 165,000 charging points across 29 European countries. 

6. Schneider Electric 

The renewable energy product provider, Schneider Electric, naturally transitioned into the EV space with the development of various charging machines, including commercial chargers for the forecourt, wall-mounted chargers for businesses and at home smart solutions. The firm also leverages technology to provide a better charging experience through its charging management system.

5. ABB (Ionity)

As an innovator in automation and now vehicle charging, we’ve witnessed a lot of excitement around ABB’s activities in Formula E and the work of its Ionity charging solutions. Ionity, ABB’s EV charging arm, has already installed a network of chargers spanning 24 countries across Europe. 

4. BP

The energy leader’s solution to the increasing number of EVs is BP Pulse. The company recognises the need for fast, simple charging systems and prides itself on providing charging stations for use at home, in public and at work. The company now draws on decades of energy experience to provide next-generation mobility. BP Pulse is a result of acquisitions by the company, Polar and Chargemasters. 

3. Shell (Recharge)

Shell Recharge is the arm of the energy giant that is powering the EV switch for consumers. The company is providing smart-enabled home charging solutions capable of charging vehicles up to eight times faster than the standard mains plug-in unit. Also, for customers that are concerned about the aesthetic of their chargers, the Shell Recharge solution is available in over 200 colours. 

2. ChargePoint

Spread across the globe, ChargePoint’s network has expanded to more than 20,000 stations around the world and is known as the most open charging network. The company also provides its ChargePoint mobile app with real-time availability insights to drivers of the BMW i3 and the Nissan LEAF. 

1. Tesla

As one of the leading EV firms globally, Tesla provides one of the best charging solutions in the world. While it is one of the largest providers of charging stations, its charging points only work with Tesla models as standard, but if motorists want to leverage the most efficient charging they can purchase an adapter to go with their brand new EV. 


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