Top 10: Smart Cities

Dubai, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York, Seoul, Barcelona, Paris & Oslo are our Top 10 Smart Cities

A smart city uses the latest technology to advance the quality of life for its residents, support urban life and solve challenges, from pollution to waste management to safety. A smart city aims to be a sustainable and connected environment, where local citizens can thrive.


10. Oslo

Oslo has a 2050 target for becoming carbon neutral and it’s using smart technology to get there. The city runs electrical buses and is building better with zero-emission construction sites. It is running circle-based waste management and green energy systems in new buildings. The city also hopes to be all-electric by 2025 and with its free EV parking and lower taxes for such drivers, it’s one of the best places in the world to drive.


9. Dubai

Dubai’s Smart Dubai project works in partnership with Du Telecom Company, to provide citizens, the private sector and the public sector with IoT, cloud services and Big Data to make Dubai ‘the happiest city on Earth’. 

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8. Amsterdam

Much like neighbouring Oslo, Amsterdam is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 - but citizens' wellbeing has no timescale. Dutch citizens have complained about the impact of noisy vehicles on their citizens’ health. Innovative urban planning in Amsterdam includes digital signs which inform drivers if the noise from their vehicle is a potential nuisance by showing the words “Too Loud” on a roadside screen.

Amsterdam was also featured in our Top 10: Cities for EV Charging, as the city has over 4,800 EV charging stations, including fast chargers, which can fully power a vehicle in as little as 30 minutes.


7. Copenhagen

Over in Denmark, the country is known for its work-life balance. Capital city Copenhagen earned the title of ‘European Green Capital’ back in 2014 and remains dedicated to environmental sustainability. Copenhagen is implementing smart technology to support this and safeguard its citizens' health, as well as economic growth. Copenhagen provides public drinking water and aims to recycle 70% of its waste by 2025. 


6. New York

New York is a futuristic city with a historic heart. The city is determined to erase EV charging ‘blackspots’ and chose Connected Kerb for its charging infrastructure project, which uses 5G and IoT to support the city’s net zero emissions strategy. This will allow for greater EV adoption and monitoring of CO2 in the city with air quality sensors.


5. Seoul

Seoul is endorsing a circular economy and working towards a smart waste system with green energy in mind. Once plagued by poor waste-management and power shortages, the city’s Gangnam Resource Recovery Facility transforms waste into energy, lowering the impact of landfill and supplying heating. This has also reduced the use of fossil fuel and championed sustainable urban growth.

Seoul is a Smart City

4. Barcelona

The Spanish city utilises smart technology in a range of ways, such as waste management. Household waste is left in smart bins, which suck the waste into storage underground. The bins also provide data on waste volume, which is used to improve its collection. Later, the waste is incinerated, which provides heating.

Less time is wasted for drivers, who can use Barcelona’s sensor system which guides them to open car parks. 

This November, the Smart City Expo World Congress will take place in Barcelona, uniting companies, governments and organisations to move cities towards a smarter future.

3. Paris

Paris has embedded smart technology solutions in transportation and environmental monitoring, to keep the running smoother and cleaner.

We included Paris in our Top 10 Cities at the Forefront of Sustainable Urban Mobility, for its electrified train service and under-sea mobility for those travelling to and from London. The Greater Paris region is on a clean transport transformation journey, with the adoption of e-buses and charging infrastructure in the works. 

2. London

London is known for grey skies, concrete and expensive beer, but the city is using various smart technologies to go green.

Its smart transportation systems keep London’s 5G towers, EV charging stations and infrastructure smarter than any other city in Europe. ProptechOS named London as being the best-prepared city for a smart future.

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1. Singapore

Singapore has implemented a Smart Nation initiative, which uses data analytics and IoT technology to enhance urban living. In the 2023 IMD Smart City Index, Singapore was named the top city in Asia.

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