Factory of the Future tech rules in Hyundai’s EV production

Robotics, AI & IoT - Factories of the Future technology - are key to Hyundai’s EV production, at Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore

Hyundai’s new Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS), a modern factory built for the future of EV production, includes an automated flexible production system and digital twin Meta-Factory technology that ensures ultra-rapid responses to developing customer demands and EV production needs.


‘Factories of the Future’ elements are a part of Hyundai’s new Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore

HMGICS is one of two Hyundai Motor Group innovation pillars designed to lead Hyundai’s electrification era.

“The more compact nature of facilities such as HMGICS makes it easier to integrate them into local communities, particularly in urban areas with limited space,” said Alpesh Patel, Vice President and Head of Technology Innovation Group, HMGICS. “With the help of robotics, AI and IoT, we’ve built a human-centric manufacturing innovation system that can respond to changes in mobility, processes and products with agility and flexibility. These innovations are setting new benchmarks for efficiency and customisation.”

Robotics, AI and IoT are all a part of ‘Factories of the Future’.


Exploring Factories of the Future at Manufacturing Digital LIVE

Factories of the Future refers to advanced-technology manufacturing facilities which are transforming traditional manufacturing methods, with technologies such as robotics. Additional technologies include automation, AI, IoT, connectivity, data analytics, 3D printing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and sustainability. Such factories aim to be more efficient and better connected, to reduce costs and protect the environment.

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