Rolls-Royce’s sustainable luxury electric vehicles

Looking Back on EV Development and Sales Growth, Rolls-Royce Looks Back on 2023 Growth and Sets its Sights on a Path to Luxury Automotive Sustainability

2024 will bring new levels of excitement for the Rolls-Royce brand, as luxury automotives continue on the road to electrification. 

Last year we saw further updates on the company’s sustainability, notably details and milestones reached with its electric model. Unveiled in full was the Spectre model, putting battery power to the test, making waves in a luxury sector that has traditionally been powered by petrol. The Spectre debuted in October 2022 and is expected to drive the company in a new direction without compromising on its high levels of quality and the quirks of the Rolls-Royce that passengers know and love. 

Comments from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ new CEO Chris Brownridge say a lot about the transition to new-energy vehicles. 

“2023 was another extraordinary year for Rolls-Royce, with strong sales performances in all regions and across the full product portfolio,”says Brownridge. 

“It’s especially encouraging to see the enormous interest in and demand for Spectre, supporting the decision to adopt a bold, ‘all-electric’ strategy for future model development and production. The record level of Bespoke commissions, both by volume and value, also underlines our position within the luxury sector, offering our clients opportunities for self-expression and personalisation they cannot find anywhere else.

Despite this being a significant year for new vehicles and perhaps the decline of the engine, Brownridge is passionate about the future of Rolls-Royce under his leadership.

“As incoming CEO, I’m in the extremely fortunate position of taking over responsibility for a business in robust good health, with strong foundations and a clear strategy for growth and development, formidable technical capabilities and a focused, dedicated team. I’m looking forward to working with the entire Rolls-Royce team to maintain this momentum and take this great company forward with confidence and conviction.”

Why electric is the best option for sustainable luxury vehicles

The battle has always been between fuel and electric, and while many feel there are some significant differences, the luxury car market can benefit greatly from this change from a passenger experience standpoint.  

Rolls-Royce prides itself as a crafter of comfort and prestige, of which one characteristic is silence. A Rolls-Royce vehicle shouts in its own way, through elaborate design and craftsmanship that leaves no need for a punchy engine sound or screaming tyres—although more than capable of achieving the latter. 

The silent nature of battery power proves more than sufficient for the Rolls Royce Spectre, and brings further benefits, tapping into, potentially, more sustainable power and smooth driving mode of the electric drivetrain. 

Sustainable automotive manufacturing 

The company has long been hailed as a world-leading business, prioritising the intricacy associated with the Rolls-Royce name. In 2023, the car maker introduced new design expressions amalgamating high-quality materials, newly appreciated craft techniques, innovations in technology, and more creative thinking for its bespoke vehicle offering. 

As a result, its high-end car sales were representative of its standing in the eyes of luxury car buyers. 6,032 Rolls Royce masterpieces were delivered to clients throughout the year, a number higher than any by the marquee in its 119-year history. 

In 2024, Rolls-Royce expects the all-electric Spectre to join to contribute to this figure as the transition begins to a more sustainable future. 


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