Electric Towing Tractors in Sustainable Agriculture

Monarch is ploughing towards sustainability with its electric tractors, alongside fellow market players Toyota, Kion Group & Jungheinrich

The IPCC estimates that the global agriculture industry contributes 8.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions, with an additional 14.5% from land use change (such as deforestation). The two million tractors sold each year are partly to blame, but electric tractors are on the rise across the world, helping to reduce emissions and still keep the food supply chain moving. 

Monarch is empowering farms and municipalities with smart electric tractor solutions

Farming company Monarch is digitally transforming the industry with its smart electric tractor solutions, which can be used across farming and land management, across vineyards and dairy farms, as well as in airports and solar farms. Its tractors can support farms dealing with a labour shortage and protect farmers from working close to harmful chemicals. The company was formed in 2018 and is based in Livermore, California. 

In its neighbouring City of Berkeley, the government administration has been slowly and carefully purchasing electrical equipment for its operations. The California Air Resources Board reported that a new, gas-powered mower running for one hour, produced similar emissions to the average passenger car driving for 100 miles. As a result, the city started looking into alternatives that would improve local air quality and offer environmental benefits. The city landed on the Monarch MK-V electric tractor. 

“We had seen another electric tractor here in California, but it didn’t meet our needs. That tractor was not powerful enough to use the attachments that we use in our operations and the Monarch was everything we needed,” said Melissa Marizette-Green, Senior Landscape Gardener Supervisor, City of Berkeley Parks Division. 

“A lot of municipalities across the US may be looking for electric solutions for their ground maintenance,” said David Kahn, Sales Demo Director, Monarch Tractor. “Monarch can meet that need from a safety perspective and zero-emissions perspective, making those municipalities more profitable, safer and cleaner for their everyday operations.” 

Electric tractors combine technology & sustainability

Fellow electric towing tractors major market players include: 


Toyota offers a variety of electric tractor models which provide efficient and sustainable solutions for material handling. Toyota’s innovative technology and firm customer base have together propelled the company through significant market growth.

Kion Group

Kion Group manufactures forklift trucks, warehouse equipment and tow tractors. The company is headquartered in Frankfurt and was founded in 2006. Since then, it has strengthened its focus on advanced features, ergonomic designs and improved efficiency. 


Jungheinrich is another German company involved in the production of electric towing tractors. The company is also committed to sustainability and embracing digitisation.


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