Self Drive Lists

Top 10: E-Mobility Leaders

Sustainability Magazine and Energy Digital champions innovative and influential Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) leading energy companies


Top 10: CEOs in EV

Driving the transition from internal combustion power to electric vehicles (EVs), these CEOs support their teams to deliver the future of automotive


Top 10: Driver Assistance Tools

Technology is slowing taking the wheel, which is why EVs are now becoming hosts to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for more comfort and safety


Top 10: Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

Hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) prove great bridges between fossil fuels and electric propulsion, but which meet the cost and sustainable needs of drivers?

Top 10 female electrification leaders and innovators

Recognising IWD and the critical work of all electrification industries, here is an inclusive list of 10 influential female EV leaders and innovators


Top 10 autonomous delivery innovators you didn’t know about

Autonomy is coming, but these solutions take robotics and EVs to a whole new level with on-demand solutions and last-mile logistics innovations

Top 10 companies leveraging AI for self-driving EVs

Self-driving cars are coming and here are the top 10 companies leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to develop autonomous driving solutions for EVs

Top 10 companies developing self-driving car technologies

To learn more about self-driving vehicles, particularly EVs, we take a look at the top 10 self-driving vehicle companies leading the way in the industry