Taiga Nomad: Electrifying the off-road segment

Forget about commuting for a moment and take a look at the EV that is changing the game for off-road and mountain mobility—bringing the excitement

We’re often occupied by the idea of electric cars, buses, trucks, planes and boats, but there’s one environment left unaccounted for at certain times of the year. 

The snowmobile is generally powered by fossil fuels, but Taiga Motors is taking an innovative approach to electrify it. Offering a range of the three snowmobiles, we’re specifically looking at its Nomad model, which is built for utility.

The company self-imposes rigorous performance and manufacturing standards to create revolutionary snowmobiles and a jet ski model that allow riders to live the dream in a clean, non-pollutant way. 

The Canadian company has the perfect surrounding environment and scenery as its testing ground from both the water to the mountains, creating a solution for transportation in the most rural areas of the country. 

In 2022, Taiga won the Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas award and was named one of Time’s magazine’s 200 Best inventions of 2022. 

Taiga Nomad - Utility 

Taiga Nomad - Utility

Estimated range: 62 miles  

Towing weight: 510 kg 

Max power: 120 horsepower

Torque: 170 Nm


Charging speeds (hours)

Level 1: 14 

Level 2: 3.5

Level 3: 0.5 

The Taiga Nomad is built for the outdoors and is 100% electrified, astonishing users with its power and speed, while surprising them with its silence. The ride is powered by the in-house Taiga operating system, which allows riders to optimise their performance and experience for varying rides, and industry-leading connectivity to suit the EV to the user’s skill level. 

Reaching a niche EV market

The Taiga snowmobile reaches a market that is seemingly underserved with sustainable mobility options. For those looking to travel in rural Canada, and like climates where a car just isn’t feasible, the electric snowmobile will do wonders for riders.

We also see further applications of the Taiga snowmobile for last-mile delivery in countries with harsher winters and rougher terrain.


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