EV Magazine LIVE welcomes transport and payment experts

Joining the EV Magazine LIVE agenda is Sara Sloman from PayThru and Alex Gilbert from TfL, who will be hosted on stage at the London Transport Museum

Are you ready to find out what the future of transportation looks like? 

At the London Transport Museum on the 2nd February 2023, we’ll be hosting EV Magazine LIVE—the event of the year that is shedding light on the footprint of electrification. 

But, it’s not just about the cars. EV Magazine has an exclusive lineup of guests to cover a variety of topics from EV charging and infrastructure to payments and the technology behind the plug. 

We’re excited to invite leading executives to the stage to bring invaluable insights to an exclusive audience and viewers online. 

The inaugural EV Magazine event 

Due to the success of our sister magazine, Sustainability Magazine, we’re taking a similar approach to provide industry with more entertainment, insights, and opportunities to network with like-minded people. 

Joining us on stage for a panel discussion on e-mobility and the shift to more sustainable transportation, will be Alex Gilbert, Head of Energy & Electrification; Commercial Development at Transport for London, and Sara Sloman, Chief Strategy Officer at PayThru

Transport for London electrifies urban mobility 

While London is home to one of the most sophisticated transportation networks, the London Underground, there is still work to be done to decarbonise the city further. The city’s EV infrastructure delivery plan was catalysed by the Mayor’s EV Infrastructure Taskforce in 2019. 

Plans identified that London’s public and private sector stakeholders could work closer to accelerate the rate at which the city adopts electric transport. As a result of continuous work in this area, London is now home to more than 3,800 hybrid-electric buses, 785 all-electric versions, and even uses 22 hydrogen fuel-cell buses. 

Alex Gilbert will surely tell us what’s next for the city and, equally important, how other cities in the UK and beyond can follow suit. 

Charging will be the main part of this conversation on stage at EV Magazine LIVE as he discusses how TfL overcomes inherent infrastructure challenges to support a network of buses, while also encouraging the electrification of taxis and swapping of personal vehicles. 

Paying for mobility has never been easier

A key component of electrification is charging functionality and how users interact with charging stations. Technology is enabling a new era of convenience, but also encouraging the next generation of e-mobility users. 

Sara Solman will also provide her thoughts on the current charging solutions available, and how secure, effortless payment is a critical factor in shifting to EVs. There is no single solution to all e-mobility adjustments that will be made over the next few years, but this poses exciting new opportunities for businesses to make the charging experience much more amenable to consumer needs. 

Tune in to EV Magazine LIVE from wherever you are in the world via the Brella networking platform and stay in the loop by subscribing to EV Magazine’s monthly publications.


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