Mobility Articles

Automotive firms use technology to develop safer EVs

The automotive industry is hotting up and EV manufacturers are differentiating themselves with safety technology, including radar and lidar systems

Extreme E: pioneering sustainable motoring on all terrains

The Extreme E World Championship highlights a holistic approach to off-road, remote motorsport, while addressing multiple sustainability targets

Honda commits to hydrogen fuel-cell EV production deadline

The Japanese manufacturer Honda intrigues the industry with its commitment to production of a hydrogen fuel-cell EV as questions rise around validity

EIB invests in the sustainability of automotive components

Although electrification requires a whole new powertrain, many automotive components must stay and EIB is investing to ensure their future sustainability

The ACEA provides trend data on manufacturing EVs globally

According of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), Europe will be the biggest seller of electric vehicles (EVs) by the year 2030

Align climate commitments with electric public transport ROI

Miguel Simão, Lead Data Scientist at Stratio Automotive, provides thought leadership on the transition to electric buses along with return on investment

CATL and Phoenix Motorcars partner in electric innovation

All-electric medium-duty vehicles overcome a barrier that is commercial electrification. CATL and Phoenix Motorcars are partnering in electric truck tech

How could the Citroen Ami transform urban electric mobility?

Citroen created the Ami for the urban driver with a sustainable conscious, but it may have an identity crisis in the current range of electric vehicles