AEHRA electric SUV makes its debut appearance in the UK

Featured at EV Magazine LIVE, the AEHRA electric SUV made its UK debut as influential leaders discussed electrification at the London Transport Museum

Following a trip to Milan to meet the AEHRA team and witness the unveiling of its first electric SUV prototype, EV Magazine LIVE showcased the car for the first time in the UK. 

The SUV accompanied the man who led the design of the car, Filippo Perini, who evangelised, on stage, about its unique style and composition, creating a vehicle of tasteful elegance with a disruptive nature. 

And, while we thoroughly enjoyed insights from our guest speakers and to witness a group of happy attendees, the AEHRA SUV stole the show, sharing its stance and elegance with the in-person audience at the London Transport Museum. 

As the team’s Chief Design Officer, Perini evangelised the car both on and off the stage, outlining the sustainable componentry that earns the EV a disruptive title. Leveraging a monocoque, sheet-moulded carbon fibre chassis and off-the-shelf electric equipment, the AEHRA sends a message to the industry that futuristic can be exciting and the electrification ‘era’ is upon us. 

“It’s also in the name ‘AEHRA’, meaning ‘era’. With the SUV we are placing the car firmly in a new era of automotive design,” says Perini. 

AEHRA is aiming for the ultra-high premium market and leading the way will be its electric SUV—followed by an electric Sedan to be presented to the press and public in 2023. 

A successful EV Magazine LIVE hosting at the London Transport Museum

A late night for all, EV Magazine LIVE welcomed a close audience and viewers from across the globe via a livestream of the event. Following Perini’s keynote to open the show, we welcome a fantastic lineup of speakers, starting with Sara Sloman, Chief Strategy Officer at PayThru, and Alex Gilbert, Head of energy & Electrification at TfL, for a panel discussion with host and moderator Neil Perry

The pair answered questions from the intimate audience on the floor and questions from the virtual audience via Slido. Sloman explained later on that payments is the hidden topic of importance in electrification and that this is a key component of the consumer experience—particularly when convenience is a desirable trait in 2023. 

We also heard from Rodi Basso, Co-Founder and CEO of E1 Series, who told our audience more about the sustainable marine motorsport that doubles as a sustainability initiative to shed light on some of the issues that plague coastlines across the globe. 

Following this, Sam Clarke, Chief Vehicle Officer at GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy Limited, addressed the recent success of the organisation—a further electric forecourt in Nevendon, UK—and explained how GRIDSERVE plans to support customers and businesses in the EV adoption process in 2023. 

Finally, Martin Kearns, Head of E-Mobility at Volvo Trucks, talks all things trucking and the challenges that the OEM face as commercial fleets demand solutions to electrify their vehicles. 

The race to electrification continues

With more events lined up, EV Magazine is a platform for educating consumers and businesses and is influential through its commitment to create an electrified community. As the first event closes, the February Magazine issue is released, sharing insights from the industry and the current emphasis on commercial applications. 

To find out more and catch the latest EV insights, follow EV Magazine on socials and subscribe to be notified of the latest publications. We’ll be sharing the highlights from the event on our YouTube channel along with further exclusive interviews.


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