Fleet & Commercial Articles

VinFast's Bold Leap: Vietnam's First Global EV Player

VinFast, Vietnam's first electric car company, launches the VF 8, a globally designed SUV showcasing advanced technology, safety and sustainable luxury


Turkey Imposes 40% Tariff on Chinese EV Imports

Turkey has imposed a 40% tariff on Chinese vehicle imports to protect its domestic EV industry and address trade imbalances


EU Imposes Up to 38% Tariffs on EVs to Protect Industry

The EU imposes tariffs on Chinese EVs to counter unfair subsidies, targeting major brands like BYD, Geely, and SAIC to level the playing field


China Criticises EU Tariffs on EVs as Protectionist

China criticises EU's new tariffs on Chinese EVs, calling them protectionist. The move sparks concerns of a trade war affecting the global EV market


REEFERX is a Sustainable & Efficient Refrigerated EV

REEFERX is a Sustainable & Efficient Refrigerated EV, reduces emissions, cuts costs & enhances operational efficiency for a sustainable future in logistics


IDTechEx Debunks Myths of EV Market Decline

IDTechEx counters EV market downturn fears, highlighting surging investments in technology & infrastructure, despite challenges, prospects remain strong


Kia EV3: Elevating the Compact Electric SUV Experience

Kia's new EV3 compact SUV combines bold design and innovative technology; with 600 km range and fast charging, it redefines e-mobility


The AA Launches EVs Fleet to Reduce Carbon Footprint

The AA introduces EVs to its fleet, marking a significant step towards sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint