Fleet & Commercial Articles

Volta Trucks from EV concept to deployment in logistics

A disruptive electric truck provider, Volta Trucks announces its first EV agreement as Heppner orders 16 all-electric delivery vehicles from the startup

Ford backed by UK Government to accelerate EV production

Tim Slatter, Chairman of Ford UK, comments on the latest UK Government investment driving EV production ramp up and employment in the UK and Europe

Amazon expands its UK fleet of electric cargo bikes

This announcement comes as the first stage of its five year £300mn investment into the electrification and decarbonisation of its UK transportation network

Tesla Semi breaks boundaries for use of EVs in logistics

Elon Musk’s Tesla is now showing the full potential of electric vehicles (EVs) as its Semi HGV completes a 500-mile journey at the maximum load capacity

Arrival welcomes new CEO to encourage EV startup success

In light of Arrival’s new CEO, we look into the company’s status and the struggles of the innovative EV startup over the past few years of development

Caterpillar is decarbonising mining with EV technology

Successful demonstration shows how Caterpillar is applying battery-electric vehicle (BEV) technology to decarbonise mining, switching mining firms to EVs

Sandvik BEV to showcase at international mining conference

IMARC is due to take place in November and Sandvik will showcase its battery-electric vehicle (BEV), which will electrify underground mining operations

Climate change sparks the electrification of transport

Climate change catalysed an inevitable shift in mobility, speeding up the move to electricity with industries leveraging technology to continue this shift