Fleet & Commercial Articles

How does a large hire fleet cope with a lack of EV chargers?

The EV charger network is developing, but until it reaches a more suitable capacity, fleet operators can still address their need to switch to ZEVs

Europcar report confirms sustainability is a key EV trend

Europcar revels sustainable mobility is a priority for businesses and electric vehicles are one of the few solutions they consider for decarbonisation


Munro Vehicles releases an EV pickup for rural troopers

The Munro brand is built on simplicity and the company’s electrified off-road EV matches, if not exceeds ICE vehicles. Now there’s a new model available


Will Brexit deny competition for the UK automotive sector?

The UK remains adamant it will compete in the electrified vehicle market, but the Stellantis OEM Vauxhall says Brexit hinders its automotive potential

FaaS prepares fleet operators for electric digital logistics

Expert advice from procurement and supply chain consultants outlines the past and current adopt of fleet-as-a-service among fleet managers and operators


Rivus supports First Hydrogen in initial FCEV data gathering

Supporting by Rivus fleet management, First Hydrogen is gathering operational data to improve total cost of ownership of its FCEVs for logistics customers

Transitioning to EV fleets: Key to resilience & cost savings

Transition to electric fleets: the key to resilience. Despite upfront costs, EVs offer cheaper TCO and lower maintenance. Let us help you make the switch


Why should fleet operators switch to electric vehicles?

Whether a fleet manager should switch to electric vehicles (EVs) is driven by various factors, such as fleet size, distribution network, and technology