Was Britishvolt saved by an Australian battery tech firm?

Recharge Industries brings its battery technology expertise to the European market through the acquisition of Britishvolt and its gigafactory project

The sad news of Britishvolt’s collapse was short lived as the company has procured interest from a not-so-local battery technology firm, Recharge Industries, based in Australia. 

With the acquisition of Britishvolt taking place over the next week or so, Recharge Industries will be adding its gigafactory project to its sustainable industry repertoire. 

Just a couple of weeks for speculation began, the company will soon be owned by the Australian firm, which has made moves in its own country with exclusive licensing for advanced battery technology.

Recharge Industries’ solutions for electrification

Britishvolt’s soon-to-be owner already has a foothold in the industry through various projects it leads. 

Recharge Production

One of its subsidiary businesses is Recharge Production, which is Australia’s first large-scale lithium-ion battery cell production facility. The firm prides itself on this capability and provides safer, more efficient, and sustainable batteries to the EV industry. 

Partnering with leading industry players, the company has plans to contribute massively to Australia’s economic growth. 

Recharge Dynamics

Batteries require research and development expertise and Recharge Dynamics is the organisation’s home to experts and researchers who are developing the next generations of batteries. The work includes predictive safety systems for new battery products and reducing waste through cell circularity. 

Recharge Industries is more than a battery maker

Disruption of the industry is the approach that Recharge Industries takes, particularly when the results benefit communities and businesses globally. 

The company also makes a conscious effort to positively impact the surrounding community and understands its integral position in adoption and economic growth through electrification. As the saviour of the UK’s first gigafactory project, acquisition of Britishvolt provides the opportunity and platform for the firm’s global action with access to the European market. 

The major question that is yet to be answered is around employment and whether Recharge Industries will retain the local talent expected by the previous owners of the gigafactory development project.


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