Ricardo signs MoU with InoBat for EV battery pack production

Ricardo has agreed to work with InoBat to share EV battery expertise and innovation to improve the supply for battery packs for UK-based manufacturers

The global engineering, environmental and strategic consulting firm Ricardo Plc will apply its expertise in manufacturing, battery assembly, and supply chain management to establish a secure supply chain of electric vehicle (EV) components. 

The firm specialises in manufacturing and industrial engineering and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the battery research and production firm, InoBat, for the joint supply of battery cells, modules and packs to automotive manufacturers. 

Both companies will collaborate on all aspects of this, from the assembly, production and testing of the battery components, which will be supplied to high performance automotive firms. 

“Leveraging our proven track record in industrialising technology, Ricardo is delighted to be working with InoBat to help establish a robust supply chain for critical electrification components,” says Martin Starkey, Managing Director, Ricardo Performance Products. 

“Ricardo’s future manufacturing strategy is very much aligned to this emerging need for electrified vehicle components for the high performance automotive vehicles and other equally demanding applications. In doing so, we will accelerate the adoption of electrification in these critical sectors by providing a robust supply route for key battery products. 

“In addition, we are helping to contribute to the green bounce back through sustainable practices, and helping to accelerate net zero ambitions.” 

Ricardo and InoBat bring battery innovation to small manufacturers

Cooperating with InoBat is a major step for Ricard, developing its production and supply capabilities for critical materials used in the manufacturing of EVs. In April 2021, the company received a funding package from the UK Government to explore a facility for producing EV battery components to supply battery packs to UK-based manufacturers with lower EV output. 

“Ricardo’s long history of innovation and engineering experience make it the ideal partner for InoBat,” says Iain Wight, Chief Commercial Officer at InoBat. 

“Our complementary capabilities and approach to battery development and production will ensure that manufacturers have access to the components they need, when they need them, helping accelerate the move to green mobility.”

“I am delighted that we are partnering with a company with a shared sustainability ethos and, through collaboration, InoBat and Ricardo can help pave the way to a greener future.”


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