Monta & Egg to Advance EV Charging & Clean Energy Adoption

Alok Dubey, Strategic Sales at Monta, explains how a new partnership between Monta and Egg can empower EV drivers & alleviate range anxiety

EV charging platform provider Monta has entered into a partnership with Egg, a clean energy service provider. 

Monta is based in Denmark and is also Siemens’ preferred EV charging software provider. The company recently released data showing the impact that its users have made in reducing their CO2 charging emissions, showing that Monta’s EV customers have saved more than 177 tonnes by driving electric.

Monta and Egg partner to simplify EV charging and clean energy adoption

Egg is on a mission to ‘crack clean energy’. Founded in 2010, Egg supports homes and businesses to adapt to clean energy with its EV charging, solar panel and battery storage solutions. 

Meanwhile, Monta wants to simplify charging and believes that democratising its data will support the adoption of electric cars across a variety of applications. 

Alok Dubey, Regional Director and Strategic Sales at Monta, hails partnerships as the key to Monta’s growth. 

“This collaboration underlines a shared dedication to empowering both operators and EV drivers with greater control over their energy consumption. With the launch of the egg energy app, we're heading into a new era of seamless and unified EV charging experiences, whether at home, in public, or at the destination,” said Alok. “Now, with new features such as PowerBank available to egg customers, we are actively addressing the grid balancing challenges linked to the rising frequency of EV charging. This technology ensures efficient energy distribution, optimising grid stability and reliability.

“Despite the deadline for a ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles extended to 2035, Monta remains focused on accelerating the transition to EVs, aligning with our commitment to a sustainable future.”

Supporting EV drivers in their journey by reducing range anxiety 

Alok has previously spoken with EV Magazine to discuss Monta’s recent partnership with contactless payment terminal provider, CPI. This allows EV drivers to pay for their public charging session by simply tapping their contactless device or payment card. 

“It is through partnerships with companies like CPI that we can ensure that future and current EV drivers have the option to pay for their public charging session with just the tap of a contactless device, or payment card - helping to alleviate ‘range anxiety’ and boosting confidence in owning and operating an EV,” Alok told us. 

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