Charging & Infrastructure Lists


Top 10: EV Charging Companies

Our Top 10 EV charging companies are Tesla, ChargePoint, EVgo, ADS-TEC Energy, Wallbox, Allego, NaaS Technology, Blink Charging, Nxu & Compleo Charging


Top 10: Innovations in Electric Vehicles

Here are our Top 10 electric vehicle innovations driving safe and sustainable mobility and making EV driving accessible with revolutionary technology

Top 10: EV Tech Companies

Our Top 10 Electric Vehicle Technology Companies Include Tesla, ChargePoint, NIO, Fisker, Faraday Future, Intel, Blink Charging, Proterra & ABB


Top 10: Smart Cities

Dubai, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York, Seoul, Barcelona, Paris & Oslo are our Top 10 Smart Cities


Top 10: All-Electric Aircraft

From NASA to Airbus, Lange Aviation to Pipistrel, Textron Aviation Company to Solar Flight, here are our Top 10 electric aircraft


Top 10 2023 trends in the EV sector

We’ve seen trends expand across the EV sector through 2023, from developments in electric aviation to urban mobility to driver assistance


Top 10: Hybrids

Toyota Yaris, Renault Clio, Range Rover Sport P460e, Kia Niro, Honda Civic, Lexus NX, Hyundai Tucson, Audi A3 40 TFSIe and more are our Top 10 hybrids


Top 10: Smart Cities

London, Zürich, Taipei City, New York, Barcelona, Singapore, Paris, Oslo, Singapore & Surat are our Top 10 smart cities

Top 10: Electric Aviation Companies

EV Magazine ranks some of the companies developing sustainable, electric planes by revenue — these innovative companies include Boeing, RTX and Airbus

The year’s EV executive shifts driving electrification

Set to influence further electrification, we bring you the most recent executive moves from the EV sector with consideration for key events in 2023

Top 10: Electric Motorcycle Companies

EV Magazine takes a look at the most influential businesses in terms of electric motorcycle innovation and advocacy for climate-compliant thrill seeking

Top 10 Largest Electric Charger Companies in the World

The top 10 largest electric charger companies in the world boosting international infrastructure and capabilities include Tesla, ChargePoint and EVgo

Top 10 Electric Supercars

The fastest electric supercars on the market come from companies including Rimac, Aspark, Tesla, Deus, Lotus, Pininfarina, Lucid Air, Maserati and Nio


Top 10: Bi-directional EV Charging Advantages

EV Magazine shares the Top 10 advantages of using bi-directional charging to power EVs and manage home and business energy consumption locally


Top 10: eVTOL Innovators

EV Magazine recognises some of the innovative technologies and aircraft to be delivered by key aviation organisations to shift to electric mobility


Top 10: EV Technology Companies

EV Magazine brings you the top 10 EV technology businesses that impact the way companies build, operate and maintain electric and hybridised vehicles

Top 10: Electric Boat Companies

The leisure boating industry need not disappear amid the shift to electric, which is why these 10 boat makers are leveraging a new opportunity


Top 10: EV Battery Manufacturers

EV Magazine takes another look at the top 10 EV battery manufacturers in the industry and how they’re driving innovation and sustainability in automotive


Top 10: Longest Range Electric vehicles

This list of the longest range electric vehicles showcases the cars for those looking for comfort and convenience when driving EVs for work or pleasure


Top 10: Autonomous EV Solutions Developers

Discover the top 10 autonomous electric vehicle solutions developers paving the way for a greener, smart-er future in the evolving automotive industry

Top 10: charging networks in the UK

Charging at the service station or the supermarket requires infrastructure and these 10 companies are developing network of the future for EV drivers

Top 10: Cities for EV Charging

Discover the top cities electrifying their infrastructure and expanding EV charging networks across Europe to meet the needs of drivers make the shift


Top 10 most successful EV charging businesses

These businesses have seen fantastic growth, resulting from the electrical revolution and adoption of electric vehicles globally

Top 10: charging management software solutions providers

Software solutions are crucial to prepare for the transformation. Here are the top 10 charging software providers leading innovation and sustainability


Top 10 EV industry startups driving automotive innovation

With its multiple facets, we recognise mobility requires various business types to make it work. We’re showcasing those that are looking to the future of m

Top 10 technologies driving the shift to electric vehicles

Cars are evolving thanks to new technologies and here are 10 innovations that are pivotal in driving the adoption of electric vehicles in years to come

Top 10 electric vehicle charging providers in Europe

Shell, BP, and Siemens are among the top charging solutions providers building infrastructure for businesses and consumers to adopt electric vehicles

Top 10 electric vehicle industry trends in the US

Electrification is a commercial endeavour and organisations will look to leverage EVs as of now, but what trends will they meet as the US makes the shift?

Top 10 hybrid-electric vehicles to bridge the EV gap

Hybrid-electric vehicles bridge the gap between fossil fuels and all-electric power. Here are some solutions for those anxious about the range of their EV


Top 10 firms leveraging autonomous driving capabilities

From technology firms to automotive giants, the key component of electric vehicles (EVs) is autonomous technology, providing self-driving capabilities

Top 10 electric vehicle industry trends in Asia

Thanks to China’s input, Asia is the major player in electric vehicles and technology. Here are the top 10 trends in Asia’s rapidly growing EV market

Top 10 electric vehicle battery manufacturers 2022

Batteries are the heart and soul of electric vehicles (EVs), but which manufacturers are leading the way in bringing them to the electrification market?


Top 10 charging solutions providers in the EV industry

Technology leaders have the expertise to facilitate the shift in vehicle propulsion, decarbonise mobility, and allow more people to drive EVs

Top 10 challenges in the electric vehicle industry

Electrification comes with many challenges, which make up the many discussions that are taking place to innovate and scale global, sustainable solutions

10 technology firms venturing into the EV market

Technology is a critical enabler of electric vehicle (EV) development is taking the charge as these 10 companies enter the market and change the game

Top 5 EV innovations to expect beyond 2022

As e-mobility becomes a game of digital innovation, technology firms are the players and there are some of the developments we can expect to see

Top 10 global e-mobility trends and developments in 2022

The way that cars are built and operated is changing. Here are the Top 10 global trends and development in e-mobility shaping the EV industry in 2022

Top 10 EV-focused events across the globe

The electric vehicle discussion is well underway and, thanks these 10 events, developments in charging, infrastructure and EVs continues in 2022

10 Largest Electric Charger Companies in the World

We take a look at 10 companies that are in the electric charging industry, have a look below!

Electric Vehicles: Top 5 Markets

We take a look at the leading nations of the EV world

Top 10 global electric vehicle charging innovators

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is accelerating and charging innovators are providing necessary infrastructure to enable the switch to sustainable motoring