Top 10: EV Charging Companies

Our Top 10 EV charging companies are Tesla, ChargePoint, EVgo, ADS-TEC Energy, Wallbox, Allego, NaaS Technology, Blink Charging, Nxu & Compleo Charging

The fastest EV on the track is nothing without the charging infrastructure powering it, which is where innovation meets impatience. In smart cities across the world, the demand for efficient and accessible charging solutions is high, as drivers want to make the switch to sustainable transport and not have to compromise their schedule. 

Here is our list of the Top 10 EV charging companies in the world.

These statistics were last updated on 16th April 2024.

10. Compleo Charging Solutions

Market Cap: US$1.46m

Share Price: US$0.28

Market Share: ↓2.59% 

Country: Germany

The German charging provider Compleo Charging Solutions provides public, commercial and residential applications. The company also plays a role in educating EV drivers and businesses who want to install charge points for their employees. The Compleo Academy teaches drivers about EV charging, covering all the different forms of charging and the software that makes it tick. 

9. Nxu

Market Cap: US$5.72m

Share Price: US$0.47

Market Share: ↓6.06%

Country: USA

Pronounced ‘new’ Nxu (previously known as Atlis Motor Vehicles) manufactures battery cells and battery packs for EV drivers, for use across advanced energy storage systems and megawatt charging stations. Nxu aims to develop technology to make electrification viable for mobility and infrastructure.

“As we envision a future where charging infrastructure rivals that of traditional gas stations, where grid resilience is paramount and where infrastructure lines major highways, Nxu stands ready to meet those demands head-on,” said Nxu Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Hanchett.

8. Blink Charging

Market Cap: US$0.23bn

Share Price: US$2.29

Market Share: ↑0.00%

Country: USA

Blink Charging’s EV charging solutions offer a variety of deployment configurations, offering high-speed performances on a smart network, including Level-2 and DC fast chargers. It  has contracted, sold and deployed over 78,000 charging ports worldwide, many of which are networked EV charging stations, allowing EV drivers to charge with ease.

Blink Charging works with schools to educate students and discuss their EV goals. 

“It’s gratifying to work closely with our nation’s education system to provide charging solutions and, in many cases, an introduction to the EV driving experience for the next generation of Americans,” said Jim Nemec, Chief Revenue Officer at Blink Charging. 

7. NaaS Technology

Market Cap: US$0.26bn

Share Price: US$1.01

Market Share: ↑1.00%

Country: China

Headquartered in Anji, Zhejiang Province, NaaS is among China's biggest EV charging service providers. NaaS also serves charger manufacturers, OEMs and other industry partners, helping to make charging faster, more convenient, with a superior customer experience - and in the process improving the operational efficiency for all parties within the industry value chain.

Anji is the birthplace of the motto: "Green waters and Green mountains are worth the same as Gold mountains and Silver mountains". Put simply, this means ‘a good environment is worth its weight in gold’. At NaaS, that is proving to be true. 

6. Allego

Market Cap: US$0.28bn

Share Price: US$1.04

Market Share: ↑0.19%

Country: Netherlands

Allego was founded in 2013 as a part of grid operator Alliander. The company manufactures high-performing charging solutions for electric transportation. The team at Allego is on a mission to 'contribute to a zero-emission environment, where every electric vehicle driver can charge rapidly and easily wherever and whenever they need to'.

Across its international teams, Allego is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in its contribution to the green energy transition. The company just opened its first ever Finnish charging station, with 8 charging points (including 4x 150kW ultra-fast terminals). 

5. Wallbox

Market Cap: US$0.29bn

Share Price: US$1.37

Market Share: ↓0.72%

Country: Spain

Wallbox wants to change the way that energy is used in the EV industry, by creating smart charging systems to combine innovative technology with outstanding design. This manages the communication between vehicle, grid, the building and EV charger — all connected through the myWallbox app. Wallbox has sold over 370,000 chargers in 113 countries.

Wallbox recently partnered with Tibber, a European smart energy supplier and provider of dynamic energy tariffs.

“Integrating Wallbox into Tibber's energy management platform will help democratise energy and accelerate the transition to EVs,” said Enric Asuncion, CEO of Wallbox. “EVs are huge energy resources and the adoption of home energy management systems (HEMS) along with home EV charging can offer substantial savings to the user and help make their energy use more sustainable.”

4. ADS-TEC Energy

Market Cap: US$0.52bn

Share Price: US$10.40

Market Share: ↓0.38%

Country: Ireland

ADS-TEC Energy has been developing and producing battery storage-based platform solutions for a decade. 

ADS-TEC Energy’s aim is to make ultra-fast charging accessible to as many EV drivers as possible. For residents in apartment buildings, charging in just a few minutes with ChargeBox will become as common as air conditioning. Meanwhile, in city centres where there is limited space, ChargeBox will deliver ultra-fast charging even on power-limited networks. 

“With this solution, we are boosting the US’s EV charging infrastructure and doing our bit to encourage more people to opt for an electric vehicle," said Thomas Speidel. 

3. EVgo

Market Cap: US$0.56bn

Share Price: US$1.87

Market Share: ↓0.97%

Country: USA

At EVgo, the mission is to expedite mass adoption of EVs, by creating a convenient, reliable and affordable EV charging network that delivers fast charging to all. EVgo has more than 900 fast charging stations in more than 60 metropolitan areas, with nearly 140m Americans living within 10 miles of an EVgo charger.

EVgo also works with utilities, government agencies, automakers, site hosts, fleets and other stakeholders, in order to accelerate transportation electrification.

The company offers a Plan Finder tool which is a great resource to help drivers choose the right fit for them, their commute and their vehicle. 

2. ChargePoint

Market Cap: US$0.64bn

Share Price: US$1.53

Market Share: ↓3.15%

Country: USA

Since 2007, electrical equipment manufacturer ChargePoint has been working towards creating a stronger EV industry. Its dedication to EV charging technology and only EV charging - enables ChargePoint to offer the best electric fuelling experiences to drivers. 

“ChargePoint is delighted to offer company car drivers, most of whom are new to EVs, a hassle-free driver experience that begins with their home charger installation,” said André ten Bloemendal, SVP for Europe at ChargePoint. 

In addition to homes, 74% of Fortune 50 companies are ChargePoint customers and the company has won a range of awards for its technology. 

In a partnership programme with BMW and Volkswagen, ChargePoint was one of 16 Lighthouse Activities selected for building Express Charging Corridors, along the coasts of the United States. 

1. Tesla

Market Cap: US$494.17bn

Share Price: US$155.17

Market Share: ↓3.91%

Country: USA

If asked to name an EV company, many people would say ‘Tesla’ first. For some, it might be the only EV company that they know of, due to its ambitious and sometimes controversial CEO. 

“I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary,” Elon Musk once said.

Musk founded Tesla in 2003 in a bid to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. It has become the most dominant company in the EV market, with around 20% market share of BEVs sold in 2023 globally. 

From its bases in the US, Germany and China, Tesla builds many of the best selling EVs — including the Model Y and Model 3, which was the first EV to exceed 1m global sales. In 2025, production of Tesla’s newest next-generation EV will begin at its Texas factory.


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